Thursday, October 08, 2009

Leukemia Can Make You Do Crazy Things!!

A joint account!  Yup.  I'm one of those people now.  Wow.

No, not that kind of joint account.  This kind....

Well, we did it.  After 7 years together (4 of them, married), we got each other put on one another's bank accounts!

It was like getting married all over again!

You know what this means, right?  You know why we did this, right?  Sure sure, Leukemia gives you a different perspective on some things and makes you start thinking of all the 'what-ifs' and needing to access everything of each other's.  But also, obviously, some financial perspective.  

If you know me, then you know how much I LOVE clothes for the boys.  For goodness sakes (much to Richard's dismay) AJ often knows which brand of shoes he's wearing.  I go nutso for American Eagle (77kids), Gap, Old Navy, Hurley, Quiksilver, Volcom, Children's Place, and don't even get me started on shoes (DC, Etnies, See Kai Run, Airwalk, Converse, Puma).  I fear I've even got Norma loving these things too.

So, as Richard stresses over bills, Sonja has to learn to 'restrain'.  I, personally, thought I was doing pretty well restraining myself, but truth be told, not well enough.

Richard wanted me to come up with a solution.  Unfortunately, I knew the only solution was to know I was 'being watched'.  Hence, adding him to my account.  This will be good for paying bills and such while Richard's staying at the Cancer Lodge.  I'll get a big reality dose/slap in the face with the bills, I'm sure.  Hydro?  Gas?  Heat?  Cable? Cell Phone? You have to pay for those things?  Aren't they just 'standards of living' included in your property tax?  I joke... kind of.

Evidently, Richard has had 'joint account' on his to-do-list for quite some time.  All along, I've had it on my

As you know, Erica and I trade off care of our kids once a week each.  I had Jack and Rya on Tuesday, and she has AJ and Dex today.  I thought I'd be taking Richard into the hospital, but with his appointment so late, he was going to have to take a volunteer driver.  So, we used this morning to go to our banks and 'hook up'.  It was a little bit sweet.  Like sealing the deal, so to speak.  I venture to say, fun.  That was partly because we didn't have the kids with us at the bank.  Don't think I didn't drag Richard to The Gap with my 30% off coupon to see if I could sweeten him up for a winter coat for AJ.  That didn't work.  However, part way through our fingers-laced-hand-holding-errands, I realised, "Hey, this is like a date!  I have  Milestone's gift card!  Let's go for lunch!"

So we did.  More sweetness.  In case you didn't know, Richard's a really wonderful husband. Going out for lunch with him was so nice.  

(Thank you again to Michele D for that gift card!)

Richard is now off to his appointment with the volunteer driver.  This should be his last day with the antibiotics.  We're hoping he'll get tomorrow off, go in Saturday, then off until Wed/Thursday.  We'll hope.

Another Thank You!!

Thanks to a relative or friend (I'm so sorry I can't remember) of my co-worker/friend Judi who gave Richard and I a Safeway gift card.  How kind of her to think of us!

Thanksgiving dinner is this weekend at my mom's.  And boy, do we have a lot of thanks to give.

Talk to you all soon!

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