Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Picture Dump from the Regular Camera

Sorry, there are a lot of Disney pics to go through. I'm not ready yet.

I decided instead to dump some pictures off the regular camera that had not made it on here yet.

Firstly, I don't think I ever posted a picture of the freezie cozies I made for the boys' birthday party. Rolled up inside of the red construction paper is a colouring sheet with Han Solo and a Storm Trooper.

I guess I was taking a picture of my ironing for AJ's school week?
Do not be alarmed by the fly swatter. AJ does not have an infestation of flies in his room. Rather, it's a 'word catcher' or whatever else he wants to catch.
Sorry, I totally forgot to even think about rotating pictures today.

Before Disneyland, AJ lost one of his top teeth! This has got to be tooth number 5, I think. Unfortunately, it's not the tooth that turned grey after smashing his mouth during a wicked awesome scooter accident. (actually, there was nothing wicked or awesome about that, unless you think blood and panic are wicked and/or awesome).

Dexter and his girlfriend, Emerson after they asked me to make a movie tent for them.
I don't have a picture from Dexter and Rya's last playdate from about a week ago (not counting today's playdate), but they were so sweet when Rya got in the van. Dexter said, "I love you, Rya." And Rya said, "I love you too."

Here are some fun pictures from AJ and Dexter's playdate with AJ's friend, Landon.

Getting ready for our road trip to Disneyland. One of the bonuses of having walls that desperately need to be patched and painted, is that you can tape things on them!
There were just packing lists. You could jot things down as you thought of them. SO HANDY!!

AJ and Dexter had a weeklong sleepover leading up to Disneyland while I daily, put more of our stuff for the trip into Dexy's loft bed.

Oh ya, I made purple soup. For me. My kids hate soup. It was awesome cauliflower soup, and then I thought it would be a good idea to put my leftover red cabbage into the soup. Tastes good, but looks crazy.

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