Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Before I Post About Disneyland, Part Two...

AJ just hanging around doing 'skin the cat' off his loft bed.

Here's when we had the snowfall that kept us from getting to school one day and had the school closed on another. The roads don't look bad here, but it was pretty crazy (by lower mainland standards) for a few days.)

Just some colouring and drawing time.

Flexing some muscles.

Doing some yoga after we were doing a family yoga video.

Horsing around.

Dexter's actual birthday on Jan. 15th.
I finally got around to making some bunting for the kitchen for when we have birthdays.
I'm hoping I actually get around to taking it down before putting it up again for Richard's birthday in May. But come on, seriously, if you know me, you know it will just stay up.
Gram got Dexy a Batmobile that he desperately wanted. His face does not show his excitement.

Dexy spent Grannie and Papa's birthday money on a cool Star Wars ship that made his eyes bug out and came with one of his favourite characters, R2D2.

Grand-Dan's gift came for the combo-birthday-date. A cool Green Lantern ship and character for Dexter, a cool Bakugan belt and holder for AJ, and swimming lessons for both boys which they are both enjoying right now.

One other photo from the combo party in February.

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