Monday, March 19, 2012

Okay, Here's a Second Try With the Movie

I learned how to compress it a bit. It's still big, but it's half the size it was. I hope Richard's proud of me (in the end, he had to help me).

Since this post is for the grandparents anyhow, let me take this time to be thankful for Richard. Everyone loves to hear nice things about Richard.

When I was trying to get the house cleaned up for my parents visiting yesterday, Richard made the boys' lunch to save me some time.

We're dog-sitting right now, and Richard has happily? taken on taking care of the dog a bit even though I said he wouldn't have to be involved. The dog loves to sleep behind him on the couch too. He really likes Richard. No we're not getting a dog. Then, last night, when my dad took us for dinner, and we came back to the vehicle and needed to take the dog pee before driving home (we were out of the house a long time and took the dog with us), he took the dog to pee for me in the cold. Awwww. Sweet.

Here's the video. Get out the tissues, Grandmas.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dexter.... Great reading you are doing!!!! Grannie and Papa think you did a very good job at sounding out your words. Love you, Grannie and Papa