Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Before I Post About Disneyland, Part Three...

That very attractive picture is of Richard and I on New Year's Eve. More self portraits to come in the upcoming Disney pics.
That was New Year's too.

So my dad and I LOVE the lights and light show at Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas lights. I love other people's Christmas lights. I have NO desire to put up awesome lights on my own house.

Correction, I would LOVE to put up awesome lights on my own house and then magically have some light-fairy come who takes them all down and packs them away for me.

Awesome. This is us watching the show on the pond.

Bear with me. We're still learning to use our new camera.

My boys.


My silly boys.

Thanks for that, Dad! That was a great night, and I'm sure you treated us to a nice dinner that night too. So, thanks for that!


ErIca said...

how far back are you going to go before the disney pics?? come on, now!

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Sorry! lol. Richard gave me all the camera pics at once.