Thursday, January 06, 2011

Late Good News

So guess what?

Today, when I asked him how often he was needing to pee he said "Pretty normal now". I asked what normal meant, and he said that when he's not in the midst of getting fluids and when he's not sleeping, he's pretty much back to normal in that respect. For example, when/if he comes home for the weekend, he thinks he might be able to do the whole drive home without have to stop to pee.

I said, "Since when has it been 'normal'?" He said, "It's been getting better through this week."

I don't know how I missed that.

He picked up his walker today?

Did I tell you he was going to need a walker? He let me know that yesterday, I think, for his VERY weak legs.

Poor guy. It's the kind that comes with the seat, so you can stop and a break. He says he scored one in 'Racing Red'.



Anonymous said...

Good news... Hope Richard gets to come home this weekend and have some family time!! Always much love, hugs, thoughts and prayers -- Aunt Mary & Uncle Murray

Anonymous said...

I'm scared of the other stuff that's going to happen on the "take-a-break seat". I don't think it's made for two- lol
It's going to be like George trying to return the book. The walker's going to be red flagged.

"C.C"- haven't used that one inawhile

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Ahhh, you know me too well. That's one of the first thoughts I shared with him.

SamiJoe said...

LOL--- that was the first thought i had too!

You rascals!