Sunday, January 09, 2011

He Came Home For the Weekend!

MMMMMmmmmm ice cream for dessert.

I just love when they play together and read books together. It does happen more often than fighting. I just don't always notice because it's not as loud!

One day this week, AJ spent about 45 minutes of his 'quiet room time' looking at his alphabet-animals book. You could hear him laughing his head off. "Ah ha ha ha, a Girotamus! That's hilarious!"

AJ's Pride and Joy

Grannie brought Daddy home for the weekend. Well, apparently, Daddy did the driving, so I guess he brought Grannie home.

Grannie brought over the boys' Christmas gifts. You should have heard the elated screaming! Lego and Duplo EVERYWHERE! AJ is in love with his Star Wars ship and the fact that it comes with a tiny little light saber and an R2D2.

Unfortunately, Dexter loves it too, and is very jealous.

Here's Grannie jammin' in her jammies with AJ.

The boys relaxing and drawing on their whiteboards after we came in from big snow fun. Well, medium snow fun. The boys played in the backyard while I shoveled the driveway and the sidewalk and salted. Then, I joined them in the backyard with BIG plans for a snowman AND a slide. But, you couldn't make snowballs out of the snow, so neither could be accomplished properly. Boo hoo.

Phone Pics

This was when we were shopping on Boxing Day. They're relaxing, sharing a rest in the stroller.

Very blurry, but still a cute pic of Rya and Dex during a playdate.

Dexter on his tummy on a skateboard at the skatepark last week.
AJ scootering by.

One of two trips to Mill Lake last week.

We had hail a couple days ago. About 3 or 4 cm of it in my neighborhood, yet, not 3 minutes away, up the road! The boys played in it like it was snow. I don't know if you can tell that it's made of little balls.
It was getting dark.

But that didn't mean that we couldn't play soccer and basketball.

How's Daddy?

I thought I took a picture of him when he was here! Now, I can't find it!

His urination during the day is pretty normal. At night (he was so happy to be sleeping in his own bed) was probably about every 1.5-2 hours. I think he was up to pee about 4 times. He says it's still painful, but not like before.

It was great having him home, of course. The boys were so excited (and to see Grannie too), and they were pretty good about being gentle with Daddy.

The good news? Richard's appointments this week are only on Monday and Thursday! I'm guessing that means he'll come home on Thursday night and stay until Sunday.

How's Grannie?

Grannie was her usual perky, fun, self! Thanks so much, Norma!!!! Not only has she been taking care of Richard while he's been at the lodge, but, she hung out lots with the boys, AND did the grocery shopping at Superstore AND at Costco!!!

That was awesome! I hate grocery shopping! What a treat!

Grannie headed back to the Island to be with Bud this week.

Thanks again, Norma!


I took the boys to JJs Playzone today to meet an old friend. They had a blast and I got in a good visit. We went at a very unconventional time, leaving just before lunch (thank goodness Dex slept on the way) and coming back for about 3:30pm.

What a great day. I'm just nursing a headache right now. Seems the Tylenol and Advil are doing their job, so it should be a good night too!

I don't want to jinx myself, but it appears as thought Dexter is in undies 24/7 now. YAY!

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