Monday, January 03, 2011

Feeling Better?

Richard actually said today that he felt like he was getting better.

He's still exhausted. He says the Prednisone (an immunosuppressant) is like an anti-steroid. It's weakening his legs. He says it's really hard to walk.

They've got his appointments down to once every second day, but he takes home fluids on his off days to administer himself via his Hickman Line.

He's still peeing every half hour and says it's about the same at night while he's trying to sleep. I guess all the fluid is flushing him out well.

He's hoping to maybe come home for the weekend. That would be awesome.


Anonymous said...

Been waiting for a little bit of good news!!! Hope Richard continues to feel better and stronger. Say hi to Norma from me. Take care, Elva

ErIca said...

Yeah- that would be awesome if he could come home. Glad he's feeling better than he was.