Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting Ready for Dexter's Real Birthday Party and Some Other Stuff

The boys have been back on track with doing their chores which means back on track with being rewarded for their chores with activities of their choice like our foam block game. They love this one despite the look on Dexy's face. Really.

I kid you not... Dexter made this himself. He makes all kinds of things like horses and helicopters and dinosaurs. All of the things he builds actually look like the things he means to make. It impresses me. He makes things all symmetrical too.

Okay, so after a rainy day at the zoo with Erica and all the kids (pictures of that in the next post to come!), I started making Dexter's cake for his birthday party tomorrow.

Step one:
Bake the two round cakes.

Step two:
Level them.

Step three:
Cut them in half.

Step four:
Put icing in between and start to make a car.

Step five:
'Dirty ice' it.

Step six:
Start with lots of effort, making each little icing drop perfect.

Step seven:
Slowly get lazy and frustrated with your icing that gets warm in your hand, squishing out less and less perfect icing blobs as the time passes. Making sure that the rest of the cake is just 'good enough'.
That's supposed to be fire coming out the pipes at the Good thing I'm not getting paid for this.

In this pic, you can't see all the mistakes, so it's one of my favourite pics.

Hey! I totally forgot a back window! What the what?

Awwww. Happy Birthday, Dexy!


Last night, Grand-Dan came out for the boys' skating lessons and took me and the boys out for dinner! I think I may have a picture on my phone, so I won't talk about that night now.

Daddy came home this afternoon! This is not a good picture. He does not look that sick in real life. I wanted to get a picture of him playing Transformers with the boys. They were so excited to get to pretend with Daddy while I was making the cake.

I lost track of time making the cake, so dinner was pretty I made it look more exciting than it really is. Cucumber, ham, apple, and a bun (not pictured).


Anonymous said...

Great job on the cake Sonja!!! Hope Dexter has a great party.

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Thanks, Elva!