Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bone Marrow Biopsy and a Lumbar Puncture


Today was pretty rough for Richard.

The day began with the most painful Bone Marrow Biopsy (the aspirate pulling part) that he's ever had in the 10 or so bone marrow biopsies that he's had. He made noises I have never heard from him before. It sucks to sit there and not be able to help him, but as I'm aware, it sucks even more to be in his position. So, I'll deal with my guilt of not being able to 'fix' this.

The day ended with a lumbar puncture to insert chemo into his spinal column to be sure they got any Leukemia cells that like to hide out in the brain stem. At least, that's what I think the lumbar puncture is for.

A BIG thank you to my friend Jen, who took the boys overnight last night, and watched them all day today, including taking AJ and Makenna to Willow View pumpkin patch with their preschool, where they were evidently, VERY chatty and answering lots of questions!

A BIG thank you also to my friend (Jen's neighbor), Kandis, who watched all the "little kids" (Emerson, Jaxon, and Dexter) as well as her own two kids while Jen took AJ and Makenna to the pumpkin patch!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

This weekend is the Light the Night walk in Vancouver. Richard, the boys, and I will be walking. I'll hopefully jog some of it and the boys will be in the jogging stroller.

If you would like to donate money to Leukemia/Lymphoma research, you can follow this link where you can either donate to the cause via my cousin Lisa's team (A Cure for the Clark's), or via me, a member of the team. You can also use this link to join the team and walk with us if you'd like on Saturday night!!!

Here's that link....

Light the Night team = A Cure for the Clarks

Here's a link to info about the date and time of the walk....
The one that says Vancouver...

Light the Night walk/run = Vancouver, BC


Do you ever remember me writing about Richard's really great roommate on T15 during this past round of chemo? His name is Barry.

We saw Barry today.

They still haven't found a bone marrow match for him.

If you still have not joined the bone marrow registry, there are still many people waiting for a match.

Here's a link to my post about joining the donor list!!!

Get on the list!!!

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