Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Had Big Plans...

I had big plans to catch up, post all those pictures, update you on Richard, and then spill my guts about my feelings, but ...

It's 10:45pm. I just got home. Lots of tears (I'm very extra bummed about the percentages regarding success). And, of course, I miss Richard already.

In short, the day was like this....
1. gym while Richard packed and AJ was at preschool
2. lunch
3. drove into Vancouver to take Richard to the hospital with the boys
4. left Richard around 4:15pm and headed to Richmond with the boys
5. took the boys to the skatepark in Richmond (they loved it)
6. met my dad at WhiteSpot (thanks for dinner, Dad)
7. went to Dad's with the boys to watch the new episode of Big Bang Theory and get the boys into their jammies for the late drive home
8. got some gas (thanks again, Dad)
9. drove home and cried about half the way
10. brought the boys in, Dexter was REALLY hot, gave him some Tylenol, thought he was going to toss his cookies, but apparently not, gave him some water, got him to bed, seems to have a temperature, but does not actually have a temperature, weird

I guess the cry on the way home gave me the 'release' I needed to feel calm enough to fall asleep, so I don't need to use the blog for that right now.

Rest assured, during naptime tomorrow, I'm sure I'll get around to it.

I need to spend the last few minutes of my night sending out positive thoughts and thinking about everything going well.

Richard gave lots of detail on his blog tonight.

The only thing I knew FOR SURE was that the transplant was to be on the 28th which I was going to be there for.

They changed it to the 27th. That has me pretty upset.

If the transplant takes and the stem cells do not reject his body***, there's still just a 40% chance of long term survival.

That was pretty much the worst news ever.

The upside though, is that 40% is MUCH better than 0% without a transplant.

But, like I said. Thinking positively.

Sending out good thoughts to the universe.

Feel free to help me out with that.
I welcome good wishes, good vibes, mantras, positive thoughts, and prayers. Keep em all comin' peeps.


Everyone who took part in my Facebook Online Party for Richard-
Thanks to everyone who sent Richard encouraging words and love either to the party-page (which I forwarded to Richard), or my email and FB inbox (or his).
Thank you thank you thank you.

Our Parents (Norma, Bud, Mom, Ken, Dad)
For all the MANY MANY ways you've been helping us along the way. Your support has kept us going and has been consistent and powerful at all times.

-For coming out this Sunday for who-knows-how-long to stay close to Richard. It means SO much to both of us to have you here.

-For taking the boys overnight this Friday (and I'm sure upcoming times in these next 100 days).

-For being 'the Nanny' once a week AND for playing Mommy next week while I spend 3 nights with Richard after the transplant. Can't thank you enough.

Paul (my brother) and Jared (Kim's boyfriend)
-A continued thank you for all the times that you play with the boys when you're here or we're there. They LOVE LOVE LOVE it and they talk about you often.
-Dexter especially points to teenage boys that resemble you two in some way and will ask if it's you from afar or if it's one of "uncle paul's friends" (particularly at the skatepark).

-Thanks to the staff at my school for the beautiful plant/flowers and the touching card. Sorry I couldn't stay in the room to thank you more and talk to you, but I would've fallen apart for sure.
-Thanks to many of my 'old school' co-workers for your continued words of love and encouragement and donations to the Light the Night walk that we did.

Erica and Jen
-You know what I mean.

Andrea (my job-share partner)
-You know what I mean.

Family and Friends
-Thank you to everyone for helping us through all this in all the different ways that you do. Wherever I turn, I have a shoulder. Thanks.

***yes, that's right -
Unlike I previously thought, in the case of a stem cell transplant, it isn't the body that rejects the donor, it's the other way around. Normally, when you transplant, let's say, an organ, it is your body's immune system that can reject it.
In the case of stem cells, you are introducing an immune system, so it's the immune system (the donor) that can reject the body.


ErIca said...

Those stats don't account for the amazing force that happens to be you and Richard. Your attitudes through all this have been an inspiration for all who know you and even those who don't.

Tara said...

What Erica said...I can't really say it any better!

Anonymous said...

Ditto ... When you factor in the tremendous positive energy of you, Richard, AJ, Dexter, all the rest of the family and your wonderful friends -- that is a huge effect on the healing process.. Keep your spirits up and know we are all working with you through our thoughts and prayers. Much love Aunt Mary & Uncle Murray

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Thank you so much.