Sunday, October 03, 2010

Just a Little Taste of Some Love

I finally am getting around to posting pictures from our camera (rather than my phone). Some of the pictures are from the summer!

I have a bunch of stuff to say and I'd like to update about the boys.

It's 8:30pm. Richard and I really want to go get our cuddle on and watch some "30 Rock" episodes. Meanwhile, I can't post all of these pics until they're resized by Richard. So...

Just a little taste.

I'll title this:


Mommy and Her Boys

Daddy and His Boys

Alton and Dexter

And Some Love to Send Out

*Gramma R. and Lloyd - Thank you so much for your lovely card.
*"A friend of a friend" - Thank you so much for the cute card and the gas card!
*Karen (who I used to work with at Extra Foods) - Thank you so much for the beautiful card and the Starbucks card.
*Jen (friend of Erica's friend, Kim) - Thank you so much for the Girl Guide cookies! What a way to brighten a day!
*Everyone who keeps sending their love - Whether it be via phone, Facebook, text, email, or work email, thank you to all who keep sending their love and good wishes for Richard. Everyone is so excited for the match being found! Everyone keeps sending lots of love for a quick and successful procedure and recovery. We really appreciate all the good vibes.
*My everyday-friends - Thanks for continued hugs and love and trading childcare!

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