Monday, October 18, 2010

Some Pics of October from My Phone

Eagle Mountain

Dexter scootin' and AJ's scootin' in the background.

AJ scootin'.

Dexter biking.

AJ got a wasp sting. He wanted me to take a picture of it so he could look at it on my phone.
I contacted the parks board afterwards, as this was the second wasp sting I witnessed up there in a week. I thought maybe there was a nest. Evidently wasps are very lazy and ornery this time of year!

Ikea Bag Blanket

AJ came out of his bed before we had retired for the evening, and asked if he could sleep in our bed until we went to sleep (and moved him into his own bed). We said, "Sure."

This is how we found him. I'm not sure if he didn't want to get under the covers or if he thought he wasn't allowed to unmake the bed, but...
That's an Ikea bag. He wrapped it around himself. No, we didn't steal the bag. You shop with the yellow bags and the blue ones, you can buy for like a dollar. I use them for taking my laundry up and down the stairs.

Playing in the Backyard with Pals

Mmmmm. Picnic lunch.

Wrecking , Er, I Mean... Raking Leaves

I raked the pile. I told them to have some fun and that they did.
AJ hiding. Cover me! Cover me!

Dexter : "AJ! Where are you?"

Then AJ had the wonderful idea to pick up armfuls and chase Dexter around the yard throwing the armfuls on Dex.

More Backyard Brotherly Love

They were on a bug hunt.

AJ's Most Recent Passion ------- SK8 Park !

AJ zooming by on his scooter. There will be better pictures from the camera coming soon.

Dexter getting his scooter up the ramp.

Light the Night Walk for Leukemia/Lymphoma Research

There will be more pictures from this night on the camera too. And I'll tell you all about the night then.

Before the walk began, we let the boys burn off some energy at the cool castle playground. These pictures were taken at about 6:30pm.

Another Day at the SK8 Park!!!

AJ riding by.

AJ scootin'.
Dexy scootin'.

Dexy posin'.
More to come, shortly.

In my next post I'll tell you what will be happening next for Richard and all the scary percentages and such about 'making it through' the transplant (if Richard hasn't already done so on his blog).

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