Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still No Match For Richard - I've added some international links

Still no bone marrow/stem cell match can be found for Richard. This is my little plea to say, if you're not on the donor registry already, please join!

It's SO easy. (in Canada this is how it works)

1. follow the link
2. click 'join'
3. fill in the online form
4. someone will call you to verify that you signed up and maybe ask you a couple questions
5. they will mail you swabs for your mouth
6. the swabs arrive, you spend 2 minutes swabbing your mouth
7. put the swabs in the envelope provided and stick it in a mailbox

Here's the link! Feel free to pass it on!

Bone Marrow / Stem Cell Donor Network (Canada)

For all of my USA friends....

US bone marrow / stem cell donor network

For all of my UK friends.....

bone marrow / stem cell donor network (UK)


bone marrow / stem cell donor network (British)

For all of my friends in Australia...

bone marrow / stem cell donor network (Australia)

For my relatives in Switzerland...

bone marrow / stem cell donor network (Switzerland)

For my friends in Poland, Russia, Estonia, Singapore, and ... wherever!!!...

Here's a link to all the different registries!

Maybe YOU will be the one that saves Richard's (my husband - and father to my two boys) life!

It's an international search for a match. No matter where you're from, YOU can help!

It's not a great cell phone pic, but there he is, reading bedtime stories to the boys.

Here's our family....


Dee said...

Sonja - since I don't live in Canada, am I eligible? I thought I was, but when I tried to register and got to the page asking for my address the only options are Canadian provinces and it won't let me manually include the United States. xoxo, Dee

SamiJoe said...

Did they say if there are any characteristics a person might need to have --that hints at a match??

Bloodtype etc?
Does sex of donor matter?

I'm off--we'll give it a go! Who the heck knows!

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

-I messaged you on FB. Here is the link if you are in the US

-I'll ask at the hospital tomorrow.
-No, sex doesn't matter.
-blood type is only one of the 12 antigen thingies and isn't absolutely necessary for a match