Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pics of Richard and More

Meant to take some pics of Dexter's swollen face and slight black eyes the other day, but forgot. This morning, he narrowly missed another trip to emergency when he was trying to beat AJ to the car and ran his forehead into the edge of the open car door. Left a really nice purple line on his forehead. Geesh.

Oh yah, when Dexter and I arrived at the mall today, he was watching someone talking on a pay phone and whilst not watching where he was going, he walked into the corner of a metal sign outside the Gap.



Almost forgot to take some pics of Richard when I had my sleepover at the Cancer Lodge with him on Friday. Wanted you all to see how he was looking.

So, I woke him up from his comfy nap to take some pics.

The goatee and eyebrows are hanging on for dear life. They know how much they mean to me.

He has since shaved off his hair on his head. He's all shiny-like now.

Picked up the boys from Gram's! Thanks Gram!

AJ wanted to ride his scooter.

When AJ rides. He rides hard. Here's his sweaty head.
Not sure what Dexter's whining about here. You can just barely make out the bruise between his eyes there.


I think we had Makenna over for a playdate. Afterwards, AJ had his first sleepover at a friend's house! Makenna's house! Her grandparents (Jen's parents) were in town. AJ slept over and Dexter and I had some special time alone.


Pretty normal, gym, etc. I went to Jen's (Jen was at emergency with Jaxon who had fallen backwards off of Makenna's bed) and I visited with Jen's mom before heading back home with my boys for lunch and nap.

Monday evening, WE PICKED UP RICHARD TO BRING HIM HOME! As Richard suspected, the IV antibiotics only had to be done for 3 days, not 7, so we brought him home.

It's been nice to have him home and I think he's enjoying being home.


Gym in the morning after I took AJ and Makenna to preschool. Lunch for the kids at Jen's house with Jen's neighbor Kandis and her kids too. The kids were soaking up the vitamin D in the sunshine. I think we should've taken advantage and gone in the pool for probably the last time of the summer.

Then.... finally... because the ground was dry... and because I had Richard home to stay in the house whilst Dexy napped, AJ and I headed outside so I could mow the lawn and empty the pool!!

With the help of a bungee cord to keep the lever stuck to the handle, enabling me to use two hands to pull the starting-cord, I STARTED THE LAWNMOWER MYSELF FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!! YAY!!!


I worked. It was awesome.


That's today. Pretty normal. Took AJ and Makenna to preschool. Dexy and I went to the gym, got my coffee, headed to the mall, bought nothing, picked up AJ, lunch, naps.

Tonight is Meet the Creature, uh, I mean Teacher night at my school. I was going to need to bring the boys anyhow, and so, I think Richard's going to tag along too.


Heading in to VGH for Richard's bone marrow biopsy. Fingers crossed that everything's still all clear!

More Thanks..

Mom - For taking the kids overnight (Ken, Kim, and Paul too!)
Dad - for gas money and helping me move Richard to the Cancer Lodge
Joanna - for trekking through the VGH area (not knowing that I had moved Richard to the lodge) to bring Richard some soup!!! Awwww.


Anonymous said...

Lookin' good everyone!!! Hope today's biopsy goes OK and Richard will be back home and ready to roll!!!! Talking to Norma, I know she is anxious to see everyone and be a bit closer. Take care, Elva

Statemas said...

The two photos of both of you are lovely. You both look great. Well, Sonja-you look hot!