Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Little Bit of Good News, Perhaps?

Guess what?

Richard's making his own red blood cells!

And you can too with this cool Science activity!

(pictures borrowed from these cool blogs/websites - here and here)

All kidding aside, it's true. His white cells are on their way up and he is now making his own red blood cells!

He was told today that he might be getting discharged at the end of the week, and not to go to the Cancer Lodge, but home! As he will likely not need to come in every day or two, but rather, twice a week or so!

That would be awesome!

Some More Thanks!

Thank you to my cousin Lisa who is organising a Light the Night team in honour of Richard called "A Cure for the Clarks". Thank you so much Lisa! You are wonderful!

Thank you to my friend and colleague, Michelle, who sent some handy gift cards. You rock my luv-muffin!

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ErIca said...

Dear Richard's Blood Cells,
I know you've been through a lot. I'm glad you are starting to make more of yourselves. I'm glad you are starting to get stronger and smarted. It's about time. Keep up the good work!