Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Standing, Eating Cake, Talking, Being Chased, Sleeping, Pottying, Daycare"

On Saturday, December 2nd, you pulled yourself up to standing (or so says Uncle Paul). I'll have to believe him because you've done it more since then. You like to pull up to kneeling lots to play with your activity table.

You keep crawling under things and then bonking your head when you sit up, like under the end tables or your piano.

Jack's first birthday was this past weekend, and you got to go to the farm and see animals. You also at cake and enjoyed it!

Even though you say mamamamam dadadadada all the time, I really think you know that Daddy is dada and I am mumum. You seem to be saying it to us or in reference to us. It also sounded like you said "Hello" into your phone the other day.

I've realised that if I get down on my hands and knees and say, "I'm going to get you!", you'll crawl away as fast as possible. You seem to love getting chased.

PU/PD is going well. You are usually falling asleep with 5-20 minutes and usually with no crying at all. Congratulations on learning to fall asleep without your paci! It's hard to put you down for naps when you're overtired and overstimultated like when we return from Starbucks.

You're still peeing on the potty, when I remember to take you! That's the toughest part. You are comfortable on your potty and you like the books that we read when you're on your potty. You've pooped in the potty about three times! Our best day yet, is 6/12 pees in the potty. Really, it's Mommy being potty-trained, not you.

On Monday, we did a trial run for daycare. We got you ready on time and arrived on time even though we got stuck in traffic. You didn't cry for the first hour. I think that is when Separation Anxiety set in and you started to freak out a little. You held and sucked monkey like crazy. Tonight you'll go to daycare at dinnertime so you can 'bond' with Dia and her son.

You will be 9 months old tomorrow!

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