Saturday, December 30, 2006

"Crazy Christmas, Pineapple, Granny Ziegler's Stuffing, Jarred Food Poops, Standing, the Bell"

Well, we had Christmas and you had a great time. You ripped a bit of paper. You played with boxes. You had some Christmas dinner. You got LOTS of toys.

Here's some things you received...
A ride on plane, the Fisher Price Learning Home, a Peek a Blocks farm and turtle, shape sorters, the Fisher Price Bouncing Zebra, stuffed toys and puppets, a top, a bead chaser, a vibrating elephant, and much more.

I made you a special stocking that has pockets on the outside and it was almost filled up to the top!

You had jarred food over the holiday and you went from pooping twice a day to about five times a day! Yuck! Back to homemade food for sure now!

You loved Grannie Ziegler's stuffing. You could've eaten it all day. You crazy kiddo!

You tried pineapple over the holiday in the form of fruit salad.

You've been pulling up to furniture non-stop. You aren't quite 'cruising' yet, but you are definitely taking some steps toward other directions.

You've been trying to copy words that we say like 'cookie', 'cat', and 'duck'.

Your favourite toy lately has been the little wedding bell from Daddy and I's wedding. You love to walk around with it or Monkey in your mouth, or should I say crawl around?

You are sure growing fast. The jarred food got you up to 19.5 lbs!

The next time I update this, it will be 2007!

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