Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Dry Skin, So Sickly, New Year's Eve, Signing Update, and Potty Training Update"

Well, it started out that you had dry skin. You had a patch or two quite some time ago. The doctor said it was from the winter. I started to wonder if it was from allergies, like to oranges.

I had been giving you diluted orange juice while you had that second really bad cold. I stopped giving you the orange juice. We started putting cortizone cream on the skin. It got better, but it's not gone yet.

You were really sick the day before yesterday. You vomited 4 times and then have had diarrhea ever since. Daddy also got sick. Dave, Ryan, Wes, and Jack did too. What we originally thought was food poisoning from Japanese New Year or from New Year's Eve instead seems to be a really bad stomach bug that Auntie Erica's parents had. Whew, it was a doozy. Dave even had to go to the hospital!

We did have a wonderful New Year's Eve. We went to Auntie Erica's. You went to bed shortly after we arrived. Like usual, at Auntie Erica's, you fell asleep like a good boy, and stayed asleep. You let us sleep in the next morning, thank goodness because we didn't get to sleep until about 3:30am.

The next day, we went to Japanese New Year at Kaela's. It was so delicious, but you stayed home with Auntie Kim and Uncle Paul.

Auntie Kim and Uncle Paul also watched you on Wednesday when I had to go get some stuff done at work.

You've had a rough, fussy, sick week.

You are starting to be more consistent with using signs. You still sign 'dirty', but that one is inconsistent. Perhaps this is because you aren't really 'dirty' as often now that you use the potty more and seem to be regulating yourself more. You sign 'water' now, 'more', and 'finished'. You've been doing these for a few weeks off and on, but they are very definite now. I can ask you if you're finished on the potty or at the high chair and you will shake your hands. Who knows if you actually know what it means, but you know when it's used. It was kind of funny at lunch today when I went to move your tray. I guess you thought I was taking it away and that we were done and you started signing 'finished'. When I moved the tray and kept it on, you got a little upset with me. Oops! Sorry!

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