Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Over the Tummy Virus, Now a Bad Cough, Salmon, Spoon, Words, Egg Whites"

Well, you got over that tummy virus that knocked Daddy off his feet. Everyone got it except Auntie Jen and Mommy.

Now you have this horrible cough that includes a runny nose as of yesterday. Of course, our crappy clinic down the road prescribed a puffer. We're not doing that. We're watching to make sure you don't have pneumonia because a girl from daycare has pneumonia.

I really fell off the 'food introduction boat'. Finally, I hopped back on this week. You've had salmon now and loved it, but you're still not a big fan of white fish. You've also had egg whites now, so you can have whole egg omlettes. You enjoyed your eggs two days ago.

Grandma watched you yesterday because you were too sick for daycare and Daddy wanted to take you to the doctor. Now mommy is off today because she was literally getting 'worried sick' about the possibly snowy driving conditions and your cough.

You've been copying lots of words. You like to close the bathroom door and say, "Closed", but it sounds more liked "Kroah". You like to try to copy us saying, "Cat". Grandma taught you to say, "Uh oh".

Also, you've been using a spoon. You don't scoop things up with the spoon, but I load it, you pick it up, and you put it in your mouth the right way.

Too cute!

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