Saturday, December 23, 2006

"Crawling Crawling, Getting Chased, Pulling Up, Cat Food, Pineapple, Grandma, Cookie, Duck"

You are crawling everywhere and I have yet to remember to replace the tape in the video camera so I can record it. You've been crawling now for about 4.5 weeks, maybe 5. As suspected, you never commando crawled. You just went straight to proper crawl. You are crawling everywhere.

You like gettting chased when you're crawling.

You can pull up on furniture. I think I already wrote that you did it for the first time, geesh, almost 4 weeks ago! Now it's just natural instinct. The motivation is, of course, the laptop. You love the keyboard, the screen, and especially the mouse. You click it and do all sorts of crazy things to my screen.

Yesterday, in the kitchen, while exploring, you popped some cat food into your moouth before I could do anything about it. Grrrrrrrrrr. You, unfortunately, didn't seem to mind it.

Speaking of food introduction, you'll be trying pineapple on our trip to the Island because you'll be having jarred food, and Daddy bought you fruit salad.

I had my first three days of work and Grandma and Auntie Kim watched you. You had your horrible cold, so there was some 'cuddling to sleep'. Poor little guy. You had fun with Grandma and Kim.

You are copying what we say lots. You were trying to say, "Cookie" at the lunch table. You said, "Caca". When Grandpa stopped by so we could give him his birthday gift, you were copying him saying, "Duck". You said, "Duu".

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