Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Catching Up Part #5

June 9th, 2006
"Thumb, Routine, Favourite Toys"

While I was at Auntie Jen's shower and you stayed home with Daddy, you started sucking your thumb with purpose. You'd sucked it before, but this time you really meant to.
We've been doing a combination routine from "The Contented Little Baby" and "The Secrets of The Baby Whisperer". You eat at around 7:00am, 11:00am, 2:30pm, 6:15pm, and 10:00pm. You nap around 9:00-9:45am, 12:15-2:30pm, and 4:30-5:00pm.
You are loving your monkey doll more and more every day. He is your 'lovey' now. It started with you staring at it while you got a bum-change. Now, you hug it and sleep with it. We take it everywhere we go.

June 18th, 2006
"Father's Day and Grade Seven Camp"

For Father's Day, I had matching shirts made for you and Daddy. Daddy's says, "My Boy" with a picture of you. Yours says, "My Daddy" with a picture of Daddy. Everyone loved the shirts.
You had a big day back on the 11th. I took you on a long drive with my friend Tom, and a boat ride. We went to grade seven camp at Anvil Island. Wow, it was a big day. Tom was a big help. You were a good boy, like always.

June 20th, 2006

Today you rolled over from your tummy to your back all by yourself for the first time.

June 27th, 2006
"Night Wakings, Banana, Raspberries"

You've been waking in the middle of the night all of a sudden since June 22nd. I pop in your paci and you go back to sleep.
After taking you to Sports Day, we went to Toys "R" Us and bought you a banana doll. You love it! We also bought you a bath CD. (we used a gift certificate from Nomi)
You've been blowing raspberries for a few days now.

June 30th, 2006

You have found your toes and you are grabbing your feet. You love "This Little Piggy". You love "Round and Round the Garden".

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