Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Catching Up Part #3

April 11th, 2006
"Tummy-Time Triumph and Tasty Treats"

For at least a week now, during "Tummy-Time", you've been able to lift your head and turn it to the other side.
Grandma, Grandpa (Papa), Uncle Paul, and Auntie Kim babysat you on Saturday night when Daddy and I went for Vietnamese food with my sorority sisters.

April 23rd, 2006
"Signing, Talking, Sleeping, Smiling"

A couple of days ago, I swear you signed 'dirty' (dirty diaper) to me whilst on the change table. You are of course, not really signing, but I think you are imitating me. Perhaps it's just coincidence.
When Grandma was over, she said, "Hiiiii!" You made this noise - "Haaaaaa!"
You've adjusted to your new routine from "The Baby Whisperer" and the schedule from "Contented Little Baby".
You are smiling lots when we prompt you, do "peek a boo", and show you 'Monkey'.

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