Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Catching Up Part #1

Baby Book Entry - March 12th, 2006

*Name - Alton James (AJ)
*Date of Birth - March 8th, 2006
*Weight - 7lbs, 8oz
*Hair Colour - Brown
*Eye Colour - Browny Blue
*Weather - Cold. It snowed heavily all the next day.

Baby Book Entry - March 13th, 2006
"Your First Walk"

I am writing today to say what's been going on. You were born on Wednesday night. The surgery went well even though it was scary for me. You started breast feeding right away, but were getting frustrated when my milk hadn't come in yet. We gave you a bit of formula and you slept for a nice four hours or so! After some weird shivers, my milk started to come in, and you were feeding much better. Daddy took care of you and I at the hospital. We got to take you home on Saturday, March 11th, 2006, at 10:00am. You slept in your car seat the whole way home. I cried lots with happiness on the way home.
You've been feeding well. I've been letting you use a soother to help you sleep longer. It's working! You are so adorable and so tiny. We love you very much. I think you look just like your daddy.
You, Auntie Kim, and I went for your first walk in the stroller today! We went to visit Uncle Tarrie, Auntie Christine, Adam, Matt, Jen, Erin, and Lauren.

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