Monday, May 02, 2011

Not Too Much To Report

Bird Feeders

Made some bird feeders with the boys using 4/1000 pinecones in my backyard, some peanut butter, and some bird seed.

No More Lisping for AJ

The Speech Language Pathologist/Therapist had given me little 'good S' activities to do with AJ here and there to practice his good S (quite a long time ago), but I was definitely not to 'make a big deal out of it' by correcting him during the day or anything like that. (He is capable of making the proper S sound and does when he reads, but doesn't when he talks).

AJ had his last visit to the SLP just about 3 weeks ago, maybe (as the lisp is his only issue and they don't really officially do anything about that until the child is school age). However, the SLP gave me a great idea to try with AJ if I thought he would receptive to it:

Give him something to work toward and keep a tally of how many times he uses his good S while talking during the day. He can listen for it himself too. (She recommended keeping tally with a golf stroke counter, but we ended up using stars instead). AJ was super excited. We had recently been to the dollar store where he and Dex had excitedly spent their $5 each of Easter money from Aunt Elaine (thanks Elaine and Bill) and AJ had a little wishlist in the back of his mind already of things he wanted that he saw when we were there.

When he got home, he made a list of those 6 things he wanted. We drew a bunch of circles underneath, like maybe 120 or so. I explained that whenever I heard him use his good S during the day while he was talking or if he heard himself use it, he could have a star. When all the circles got filled, we'd fulfill his wishlist at the dollarstore.

Lo and behold, 3 weeks in, and he doesn't lisp anymore! It's kind of unbelievable!

There he is using his snorkel and mask from his wishlist.

Yah, More Trips on the Path

Nothing new here. More bike rides in some of the beautiful weather we've had amidst our torrential downpours. Auntie Brenda and Uncle Al came out for a visit one of the days and Auntie Brenda came out for one of the bike rides.

There's my Dexy.

Took advantage of the sun and did about 4 or 5 hours of gardening yesterday and OMGsh, am I sore today!

A Big Day of Visits!

On Saturday, we drove to Langley so that Richard could finish fixing/updating Auntie Brenda and Uncle Al's computer and that ended being about a 2.5 hour visit. The boys held up well right on into Dexter's naptime. I didn't think to take any pictures... darn it.

A couple errands after that, and then we thought, since we were already out that far, we should head to Richmond to visit my dad. Dad was up for it, so, out to dinner at The Spaghetti Factory with Grand-Dan we went!

The boys were armed with crayons, paper, and Leapsters.

AJ ordered Mizithra like Daddy, and Dexter got chicken strips like Mommy. Grand-Dan... Lasagna.

AJ surprised me with, "Mom, is this my name in handwriting?"
And sure enough, he had handwritten his name!
Gosh darned cute lookin' too.
(note - about a month ago, he asked me to show him how to handwrite his name, and I did, so he has seen his name handwritten before)

Dexter drawing and colouring a ______? I can't remember what he told me it was. Oops.

After we finished eating and we were having teas and coffees, AJ 'rested'.
Silly Daddy.
Silly Daddy and Dexy.
Me and my Daddy.
Daddy and Dexy.

More Skatepark

I dragged Auntie Kim along on this trip. She's out in Abby this week house-sitting.

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