Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday To Richard !

happy birthday baby

Richard is 40 Today!

*picture actually taken last year around this time.

So, I have to admit, I did not send out an official invite, sorry. But if you're reading this, and you'd like to drop by on Saturday (May 28th) to wish Richard a Happy 40th Birthday, by all means, come over. All are welcome. Come for 10 minutes or stay for the whole day. We're having a casual open house, so to speak. If you have my email and you need details, email me. If you have my phone number and you need details, phone me. Literally, you can pop by anytime on Saturday.


Sorry for the hiatus. Blogger was having some difficulties and I've been unable to post. I'll need to do a post tonight and hopefully one tomorrow with my pictures from my phone.

Here's what I've snagged off of the camera a few days ago.

AJ showing me a ship he built with Dexter's Duplo.

Dexter showing me a gun he's built with his Duplo.

Some day last week or the week before or the week before just vegging out.

Auntie Kim stayed for vegging out too and some dinner! Thanks for coming Kimmy.

More vegging. Probably watching Richard Scarry's Busytown Mysteries which they just LOVE!!! I cannot even begin to explain how much they love that show.

Dexter does not like perogies.


On Thursday, I had Jen's kids and decided it would also be a great day for playdates. So, I invited AJ's friend Josh and his sister Ashriya from preschool to play with AJ and Makenna and 'the little kids' too.

7 kids were a few too many for 'movie lunch', so I had to split them up between the two tables.

Little kids at the kitchen table.

Big kids at the coffee table.

Two left at the table. The two who wanted 'more please'.

While the kids cozied up for a snack and little bit of Busytown Mysteries, Richard was hard at work baking cookies.

They, of course, played LOTS, but you know how it is. My camera's in the living room, so this is when I think to take a picture or two or three or four.

It was a dreamy playdate and just a perfect day! Seriously. I'm not kidding.

Back to Richard's baking. He had made some Rice Krispy Squares earlier too.

Pay attention to the effort and practicality here. This is soooo Richard.

No way is Richard spending money on oat flour when he can make it himself.

1. spreading out the oats on a cookie sheet to toast them

2. stick them in the blender to turn them into flour

3. make oatmeal cookies

This was one of those rare occasions when we have 'extra kids' for dinner. Seven people at the table for dinner (Butter Chicken, of course, because ALL the kids love it) was perfect!! And fun!

One of Those "I Need to Make This Right Now" Kind of Projects

I can't say that I got this idea from anywhere except for the idea of a word wall in a classroom.

Anyhow, I printed out all of the Dolch Sight Words for preschool-grade three, all of which AJ is proficient in reading and are VERY handy for creating your own sentences.

AJ's pretty interested in punctuation right now, and it seemed like a good game to make.

I painted a ferrous cookie sheet. An used a paint marker to write the alphabet. I didn't plan well and should have spaced them out more. Oh well. Get r done.

Bought some sticky-backed magnet tape. Very efficiently placed all the cut out strips of words on them. Added some extra words. Added some punctuation marks, some blanks, and some fun nouns like animals and people's names, and assorted other extras that I thought would help make good sentences.

I organized them all into their letter groupings except for the 'fun nouns' which are over at the side.

Note - I actually took these pics before I had finished putting all the words on here.

Awww. Sweet kid.

Darn right. I may have suggested this sentence.

If you're thinking of making one and you can get a hold of the flat sheets of sticky-back magnet, it'll make your life a lot easier than using the rolls that I was stuck using.

If you're thinking of making one and your child does not already know all these words, I'd recommend using different colours like you would see on a primary classroom word wall and cutting them into the appropriate shapes like this.

Oh ya. And AJ's been asking for a Canucks shirt. Can't justify spending money on hockey shirts, but I didn't mind whipping some up for the boys out of some felt and some old shirts. AJ was pretty stoked to get to wear it to school.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Richard!!!! If we lived closer, I would pick your mom up at the Halifax airport and we would come to your party!!! Have a great day--will look forward to seeing the pictures.

ErIca said...

awesome cookie sheet- nice usage of the word ferrous.I never thought to paint those things! looks like lots of fun and
saved yourself $17.99