Saturday, June 18, 2011

Woopsies - I forgot!

I uploaded some pictures from the camera a little while ago, and then forgot to put them on the blog! Since then, there are more pictures (which I have not uploaded yet) and more pictures from my phone too.

I'm hoping for a special Father's Day adventure tomorrow, so I'll save posting the others with those.

Happy 40th Birthday Party for Richard a couple weeks ago!

Thanks to my mom for making two of her delicious carrot cakes that Richard loves so much! (Who doesn't? Seriously. Everyone loves this carrot cake.)

Thanks to friends and family who came over throughout the day to wish Richard a happy day! I wish I thought to take a picture of everyone who came by!

Below, Richard is breaking out the 80s and 90s arcade games. This was quite the entertainment.

The best part of the day for AJ and Dexter by far was Cousin Mike (my cousin) bringing belated Christmas gifts for them! I asked the very important question incorrectly:

What I meant to say was, "Should I get the boys to open these now or would it be better to wait until later?"

What I ended up asking was, "Would the boys like to open these right now?"

The answer, "Oh yeah! They'd like to open them now!" said Mike's girlfriend, Erin.

They didn't realize that I really meant the first question when I asked the second.

So, I let the boys open their gifts!

Oh my!

Here is Cousin Mike helping Dexter and Jaxon put together the build-it-yourself crane and dumptruck and all sorts of stuff! Lots and lots of little pieces. Thanks Mike and Erin.

Wait, that sounded sarcastic. It's not meant to be. Really. Dexter and AJ have been playing with this daily. They love getting to use the drill and the screwdriver to take things apart and rebuild.

And, for AJ, Cousin Mike got another gift with 100s of little pieces. You can mix and match to build different cars, trucks, and a big rig. It's pretty cool. AJ is really great with it. He builds all sorts of fancy vehicles! He LOVES it!
Thank you Mike and Erin! You sure know how to pick the favourite toys!

Speaking of gifts!
I put out a little jar for people to drop in a twoonie or whatever so that Richard could treat himself to a Dremel! Thanks to everyone who brought great cards and/or dropped some dollars into the Dremel fund. You can bet that Richard bought himself a Dremel.

Dexter and His Ladies

Rya came over for a playdate. Near the end of it, the two of them decided to snuggle up for a movie.

Emerson and Dexter. I have to watch these two just like I have to watch Olivia and AJ. I think these two are in love!

AJ Angry

There is a picture much like this one at my mom's house of me in my bedroom at our first house. I am mad. I have a toy with me. I'm in a chair in my room.

This picture reminded me of that. Of course, for the life of me, I cannot remember just what he was mad about. Nonetheless, he sure looks cute.

Playing the Wii

They are quite a team.

I needed to get a picture of this because I didn't think anyone would believe me.

He's wearing a light strapped onto his head. I think he's looking for a computer piece from the keyboard that he's sure he vacuumed up.

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