Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day and All That Stuff

Mother's Day weekend was spent at Grannie and Papa's (Norma and Bud's) on The Island.
Here, AJ is helping Grannie make the turkey dinner. He's stirring the cheese sauce.

AJ and I taking a picture of ourselves in the hallway.

Here's Papa sitting in the t.v. room.

He's listening to the conversation between Richard and Richard's Grandpa-Clark.
Grandpa-Clark is showing Richard his new iBook or whatever it is. I'm so not technologically savvy.

The men are relaxing and chit chatting more.

Grannie is searching for pictures in a big giant pad of search and find thingies. You know, like Where's Waldo.
The boys LOVE those kinds of books. Kind of like I Spy books.

AJ showcasing his gnarly head wound from scootering on rough terrain not meant for scootering. It wasn't high speed or anything and yes, he was wearing a helmet. But man, scooters and gravel do not mix well.

Excuse the slight blurriness of these next photos. I not only was taking them from inside the kitchen, looking out, but there is a plastic film over the windows to help keep the heat in. So, it's through plastic too.
Finding the odd dandelion and blowing the seeds all over the place. Nice.
Wearing their hiking boots that Daddy got them.

It was so nice to be able to be inside while the boys could just run free out in the yard and around the house.

This is the driveway where there was a bit of gravel that made scootering not such a great idea.

Grannietook the boys to Walmart where she treated the boys to a special toy each and these cool Bakugan watches that were on for $2.50. Snatch them up peeps! The boys have been playing with these LOTS. They are also calculators. AJ's loving that.

The next day, I think. Helping Papa outside.

Darn it. I should've turned the picture first. Isn't the front door adorable!?

Phone pictures now.

The ferry ride over to The Island. The boys played in the play area for a while, but what they really wanted was to go to the arcade area. Obviously, they don't have mother's plan these ferries. There is a big window that divides the little kid play area from this area. So, of course, the boys wanted to go in here. No money necessary. They mostly just want to sit on the motorcycles and in the car seats pretending to shift gears.
Maybe a mom did plan that. If you are sitting in the play area with your young child, you can still keep an eye on your older children in the arcade.

The boys all comfy in their carseats. We're almost at Grannies!

AJ unbuckled and rebuckled with monkey too. Awww.

On Saturday, while Bud and Richard took the boys for a hike and Richard took the boys to Home Hardware to build me a flower box for Mother's Day, Norma and her friend Linda took me to the luncheon at the Yacht club. I had to sneak a quick pic of everyone dressed in the white pants and blazers. There were about 30 or 40 people dressed just like this!

We went for a walk after the trip to Walmart.

This picture makes me feel extra short.

The ferry ride home! It was surprisingly warm outside.

The boys watching their dvd in the van.

And eating their dinner that I packed before we left Grannie's. The timing was perfect this day.
We visited Grandpa Clark and family (thanks for the bubble blowers and popsicle molds Aunt Elaine!) before heading to the ferry. Dexter napped on the way to the ferry, as planned. We got off the ferry in time for dinner, as planned. We got home well in time to unload, hang out, then get the kids to bed by a respectable time, as planned. It went really well.

And then, it was back to normal life again.
Cherry blossoms falling to the ground. It was like snow on this slightly windy day.
Mommy and Dexy wearing matching shoes this day.

The culprit. My camera phone and lack of photography skills do not give this beautiful tree any justice.

Dexter is tickled pink over his new two-wheeled scooter.
He's even trying 'tricks'.

AJ making another skateboard park with cardboard, scissors, and masking tape.


Norma said...

Thx for all the pictures. It was a fun weekend and we missed you all as soon as you left the driveway. Love ya, Grannie

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time with all the folks in Duncan. Good to see Norma and Bud--will be happier when I see them in person! Glad to head that things are still continuing to get back to "normal"!
Take care, Elva