Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

The boys and I went on a search a week or so ago to find cool sticks to make bow and arrows.
Daddy (a former Boy Scout extraordinaire) got rid of my stupid bow-sticks and cut some of his own out of bendy wood from our backyard when he was alone with the boys last Tuesday on my workday.
Those bow and arrows put mine to shame. His really work! I LOVE using them. (Secretly, I wish to be a professional archer).

AJ's got his down pat, but Dexter's still getting some lessons.

It shoots REALLY far! Seriously! I'm not kidding. They are BIG fun. I had a great video of it and of Easter Morning, but the videos from our camera won't load onto Blogger.

A little notch but out at the bottom of the 'arrow' so that it sits nicely on the string when pulled back.

Notch cut out on the bendy green wood for the jute to go through.

AJ got to go for a super-fun sleepover at his friend, Josh's, house on Thursday night. I was talked into coming in for a visit AND drinking alcohol (a rarity for moi). Rye and coke was nice, twice. Thanks, Kiren!

On Friday Morning,
we headed to Thomas Swift with the Tarnowski family...

Daddy has been super-Dad. On Friday night, after visiting with Jen and Dave at the playground, Daddy and Dexy made chocolate Rice Krispy Squares to take to Jen and Dave's for dessert.

(hee hee, I put that apron on him. Hope he doesn't mind that I put that pic up.)

My boys.

Saturday Night's Unconventional Easter Dinner

I sat 'the guys' in the living room to eat, where they watched The Green Lantern.

Us girls and AJ and Dex sat in the kitchen with the pretty Easter tablecloth (actually a sheet).
That's right, you see naan and Butter Chicken.
It was Theresa's first time having Butter Chicken at our place.
The plan was a potluck for Easter, but slowly Mom realized that everyone was going to be kind of scattered around for Easter time with their own kids and grand-kids, so she scrapped the idea. Instead it was to be a small dinner with 'just us' (except Paul, who evidently had better parties to go to).

So, Mom brought the spiral ham and the Schwarties Hashbrowns from Best of Bridge.
Richard made the Butter Chicken and some steamed veggies and cheese sauce. What a crazy mix.

And Mom, who only just discovered 'Peeps' this year, if you can believe it, made some Peeps Cupcakes for dessert.

Oh, and Mom and Ken brought chocolate Spiderman for the boys. Thanks Gram.

After AJ fell asleep on the couch (yay!), Dexter (who had napped until a very late 4pm that day) stayed up for a bit of Rockband with the grown-ups. Here he is on the drums.

Kim on guitar. Debbie-Cat singing. Theresa on bass.
Oh yah... I forgot to finish the story of how Theresa got there.
A very timely Theresa just happened to call the day before to talk 'teacher stuff' with me, so I said, "Come on over tomorrow night if you end up with no plans". When she left (very late at night) she still headed off for more late-night partying! Man, I'm getting old. I can't imagine just leaving the house at like 11pm to party more.

We did share the instruments around. However, we cannot seem to get Ken to play Rockband with us. He just watches.
The last song of the night was a wicked rendition of "Sin Wagon" by the Dixie Chicks. Hardest song on drums because it's all done on the off beat. It was crazy, head bangin' fun.

And lo and behold we found out my sister has a rockin' awesome singing voice. She's almost twenty, and we're only just finding that out now.

Easter Morning

The boys woke to find the Easter Bunny had deposited some eggs in some crafty places in their bedrooms, as per usual.

Followed by a trail out their bedroom doors, down the hallway to the living room.

Here's AJ all dressed up and waiting to head to church after Easter Egg hunting.
(I know, I know, I still haven't filled you in on how we started going to church on Sundays. I'll eventually get around to that.)

After church, the boys got to spend their Easter money from Grannie. AJ bought this Transformer that Dexter is showing off. Dexter bought the Ben 10 plane and figurine on the table there.
Dexter's new posin' face.

Later that night, the boys enjoyed some of the ears of the chocolate bunnies that the Easter Bunny left for them.

More Bow and Arrowing

AJ has discovered that if he shoots it like a cross bow, it lessens the chance of scratching his finger.

Those are long shorts, not short pants. I feel the need to point that out. Man-capris, if you will.

This is some weird sculpture that Dexter made. I still don't understand what he was making.

A Rainy Day

I wanted to go for a walk. It was rainy. So, we went puddle-jumping and muddy-walking.

It was just a really perfectly wonderful Easter weekend!


He's off to VGH for his appointment today at the LBMT and to visit with his oncologist, Dr. Neville. Hopefully, Richard will fill you in on the details of that we he gets home this evening.

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