Sunday, March 14, 2010

Playing Catch Up Yet Again!

In Case You've Been Living In a Cave for the Past 6 or So Weeks

Here are my boys excitedly pushing the bike trailer which is now my jogging stroller. What? Sonja? You? Jogging? Well, yes. If you've been living in a cave for the past 6 or so weeks, or you are someone who does not live near me, you might not know that I'm in a fitness and weight-loss competition at a local gym called Go Fusion Fitness. The contest is called The Total Makeover Challenge. 92 ladies applied to enter this contest, and 20 of us were chosen to spend roughly 16 weeks slimming down with a complimentary gym membership for the duration of the contest, weekly motivational and informational meetings, and lots and lots of fun and extras.

I started slimming down about 2.5 weeks before the contest started at the beginning of February. I lost 8 pounds during that 2.5 weeks, and I've lost 11 more pounds as of my last weigh in on Thursday, and according to my home scale, I've lost another pound, so that's a total of 20 pounds!!! They do our measurements about once every two or three weeks. I've lost over 16.75 inches so far (bust, waist, abdomen, hips, right thigh, right arm). I guess eating well and going to the gym 5-6 days a week will do that to you.

This has Richard going to the gym now too. I go in the mornings and he goes in the evenings.

So, yes... to answer your question, I have been jogging. The boys just loved riding in this thing and it's a breeze to push. The sale of my beloved (but no longer needed) Phil and Ted's went toward the purchase of this bike trailer, a big boy bike for Dexter, a mall stroller for Dex that fits his tushy, a personal trainer session, AND swimming lessons. Some smokin' hot deals. That just goes to show you how outrageously priced the Phil and Ted's are. But it's making another mommy very happy right now, sniff sniff.

Next week, on the 26th, will be the online vote to help me get into the top 10! If you'd like to vote for me, here's the link:

Go Fusion Fitness Take the Challenge Total Makeover

I've been working my butt off, literally! If you hover over the picture of me, Sonja Clark, you can read my little write up! Thanks for your support!

Okay, now onto the important stuff.... MY BOYS!!!

Birthdays Make Me Reminisce

This picture is AJ at the age that Dexter is right now - 2 years and 2 months. Awwww.

These are my boys 1 year ago.

These are my boys 2 years ago.

AJ's Real Birthday Day on March 8th

As I mentioned to you on Dexter's birthday post, I wanted to continue my mommy's tradition of putting up streamers the night before my boys' birthdays. Yah yah, the picture's sideways. I'm lazy. Deal with it.
Here's the kitchen all ready the night before AJ's real birthday.

Here he is having woken up on the morning of March 8th, 4 years old. He's opening his REAL guitar!

And a game from Dexter!!

AJ really really wanted to go to Captain Kids for his birthday. Really really really really really wanted to. But the place is just a zoo. And with Dexter being so young, it would've been really tough to do the birthday party there. Dexter wants to be like the big kids and go through all the tunnels, but the thing is huge.

So, I told AJ that on his real birthday, I would take him, Jack, and Makenna out for a special night at Captain Kids to have fun, and that his birthday party would instead be at the very relaxing JJsPlayzone.

He was A-Okay with this idea.

Sorry for the phone pics. Some are awesome, and some are not. I thought my camera zoomed in, but Richard informed me, I was actually changing the resolution. oops.

Daddy actually joined us with Dexter for AJ's very special day, even crawling in the playstructure with Dexter. I have no pics of that, sorry.

After Captain Kids, it was off to McDonald's for AJ's special birthday dinner!

Evidently, there was a dress code that day - "Grey shirts".

After that, Richard headed home with Dexter, and I took AJ, Makenna, and Jack to the Marble Slab Ice Creamery to design their own sundaes! Yum! (well, it looked yummy, sniff sniff)

Technically, it's not illegal (I wasn't 'talking' on the phone) Oh snap!

And the party continued!
My parents met us back at our place to bring AJ a (much needed - yah right) cupcake complete with candles, and his birthday gifts from them.

He thanked them with a serenade.

This picture was technically taken a day or two later, but still, it fit here.

Evidently, there is no need for lessons. AJ truly believes that he already knows how to play the guitar. Phew, that's 100s of dollars saved!

Didn't Hendrix teach himself?
Oh yah, but with the guitar upside down.

Soccer is Over, And Now Onto Bigger and Better Things

AJ and Dexter's soccer class is all done. Both boys had a great time. For AJ, he actually learned some skills that he has put into practice when we play soccer in the backyard.

(Dex and Daddy)


But for Dex... it was just a lot of fun. As you can see, the cones were very exciting.

So what's in store now for my two little men? AJ, after much consideration, opted to return to gymnastics rather than trying out karate. Gymnastics starts up again next week. He'll now be in the 4 and 5 year old independent class. He's pretty stoked.

And both boys will be starting up their swimming lessons again. AJ will be in Salamander which is the second level of "no-mommy" swimming lessons.

Dexter is supposed to be in the second baby-mommy level due to his age, but since it wasn't running at the same time as AJ's lessons, well.... you know me... squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Dexter's a fish in the water. I talked to the head lifeguard and asked if Dexter could start in the first level of the 'no-mommy' lessons (which are supposed to start at 2.5 years old). I compensated, by offering to go in to 'take care' of Dexter and said I didn't care whether or not the lifeguard did a report card for him, but that really, I just wanted him to get to go in the water at the same time as his brother. So, he thought about it, and he said sure! And when I went to thank him in person when I registered the boys (thanks to selling my Phil and Ted's), he said that if Dexter and I were both comfortable, I could hop out of the water and just watch.

After taking the boys swimming for fun the other day with Richard, I realized this is a definite possibility. Dexter loves the water and is a very good listener in the water. We'll see. I'm in no rush.

What a Skookum Day for Scootering

One of my favourite ways to spend the afternoon (and some mornings), after Dexy's nap, is to take the boys up to my favourite playground, Eagle Mountain, and let them ride their scooters or bikes. AJ is very very fast on his two wheel scooter (thanks Grannie!). He MUST wear a helmet.

Dexter is very skilled, but I'm not willing to fight him to wear a helmet at the speed he travels.

The Day Dex Learned How to Pedal

Dexter likes to chase birds.

Here is Dex following AJ into the tennis courts which is AJ's favourite place to ride the scooter.

I'm pretty sure this was also the day that Dexter finally caught on to pedaling. Now, instead of using his feet to walk the trike, he was using the pedals to move. Dexter, I really normally consider to be the more physical of my two boys, but the pedaling was really a tricky thing for him to learn.

YAY Dex!!!

The Day Dex Traded in His Trike for a Big Boy Bike

Dexter wants to be a big boy like his brother, AJ. He wants to race away on the path.

So, AJ decided to show Dex how to ride the big boy bike. He helped him on.

He tried to give him some tips.
and convinced him to wear a helmet!!!

But here's the problem:

Now, when Dexter is presented with AJ's bike, and Dexter's trike....

Well, yah... you can see.
Needlesss to say, as per my intro about selling my beloved stroller, I purchased Dexter a red big boy bike just like his brother. So, we're working on learning to pedal that which is even trickier. I think, once Dexter's mastered that, I'll start on getting AJ riding without training wheels. He keeps asking, but I keep telling him that I'm not willing to take them off until he learns to keep his eyes always looking forward.

We've had some beautiful days!!!

Random Pics with No Category Under Which to Fall

Computer time for Dexter and Daddy.

One of many many many many labeled pictures that AJ's been into writing and drawing later. Evidently that's a ponytail on my head on the left there.

Here are Jen, Kandis, and my kids running up, and then rolling down the hill one day.

"Mom, take a picture of us. We're hugging!"

I had to take a picture of this. AJ was watching one of his favourite shows "Super Why" with his butt tucked in between the cushions of the couch. Too cute.

In the Spirit of the Olympics

What? You've never heard of the Olympic Shooter before?
Apparently, this little guy, shoots his gun to start all the races according to AJ.

This says ULIPIK gIU.
Translation? - Olympic Guy
He is just loving to draw pictures and write what they are of. He sounds it out and just spells it. He does really well. He even puts in the vowels!! That surprises me.

So, we were going to be heading soon, to see the cauldron, and I had tried my darndest not to give any of my money to the greedy IOC and VANOC people by purchasing 2010 Vancouver gear. But I still wanted to show my support for my country. So, I stitched some maple leafs onto the boys 'play hoodies'.

They liked them.

My sister has not sent me a copy of all the pictures from the day we drove to Vancouver to see the cauldron and take in the crowds. So, to punish her, I will publish this very attractive picture of her, sleeping on the way home in the car beside AJ.

Ahhhh... now that's more like it. A little more up my alley.
Caught this little act of vandalism on the way down the street from the festivities.

The Result of a Great Date Night

Speaking of the sister who I just punished. This great girl, came to my house last Tuesday at 11am to watch the boys for the day, while I tagged along with Richard downtown. He needed to get some work done, so we made the most of it.

We went to Ikea!
We went for coffee for about 1.5 hours! Talking!
We went for dinner at Cactus Club (where we incidentally had our first date).
Interspersed was a whole lot of work for Richard. So much so, that we couldn't fit in the movie we were planning to see....
Yah, I know. We haven't seen Avatar yet.

Anyhow. For about 2 years now, I have wanted to get these Tiffins for the boys' bento box lunches that I like to make. I found out about this great Indian restaurant on Granville Island via one of my favourite blogs Wee Life.

A lot of the work Richard had to do was on Granville Island, so, whilst he worked, I wandered.
I found the Indian restaurant that serves it's meals in Tiffins.


I let the boys eat their dinners out of them the next day.
I think they thought they were eating camping food.

White Rock Beach

Two or three weeks ago, Erica and I took the kids to White Rock Beach. Another beautiful day!
I forgot boots for the boys, but that didn't stop Dexter from walking through the sea water.

Lots and lots of hill rolling!

Right onto the concrete path. We're excellent mothers, I know.


Oooh. From my phone!



The Zoo

(Jen brought her camera- thanks Jen!)

We don't usually go in the vivarium when we're at the zoo. This day, we did.
These are cockroaches.

Jen's and My Brood.

"Ladies, ladies, I have enough hands for both of you! Stay calm!"

Of course, there's lots more to say. But this has been long enough already. I still have Olympic pics to post and AJ's birthday party pics too.

Hopefully, soon.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Thx for all the info and great pictures. You are a super Mom to my grandchildren !! Did I ever tell you what a nice daughter -in -law you are ??? Love , Ms.Ziggy

Kimbo said...

looooooving the pic of your sister .. NAWT .
Better watch how you treat this great "nanny" or yours ;)

Lee Ann said...

awww love the pics.I love how smily AJ is in all of the pics, I know it used to drive you crazy that you couldn't get smily pi\cs.

I love your boys, they are so adorable, and always dressed so well! :D

You look awesome in your pic too! well done , will def be voting for you xxx

Lee Ann said...

how many times did I say pics in that last comment! sorry lol x