Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Scavenger Hunt for My Contest

So, as a part of the Take The Challenge Total Makeover Contest that I am a part of at Go Fusion Fitness in Abbotsford, we had to do a scavenger hunt. The purpose? Exposure for the sponsors of the contest. A little driving around and effort is the least we could do for the people who are making this contest possible and therefor,e changing our lives! We were supposed to take a picture, hopefully, with an employee, and get their signature on our scavenger hunt sheet.

Here we go:

Here I am with Jenny who not only runs Go Fusion Fitness, but also Cornerstone Chalet at Sun Peaks, one of our sponsors, AND is one cool chick.

Here is my dentist's office. The office wasn't open when I visited. It's too bad because I had a pretty cool picture planned with Dr. Nawrot. He's a really nice guy. This is Abbotsford Village Dental Centre.

Here is Cori, last year's winner of the contest. She is an Herbalife representative (one of the sponsors) AND also another girl who runs the gym! Another cool chick.

Ahhhhh, Chrissie. We love to hate our personal trainer. Chrissie is awesome, but works your butt off. Here I am paying her back for making me sore. Chrissie runs Get Fit with Chrissie. She's awesome. Hire her! You won't be sorry! You know Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser? Chrissie could kick her A$$.

Trish was in the contest last year too. She made it into the top five. Trish ran our iChange seminar that was an amazing bonding experience for all us girls. Trish is also the one producing our YouTube reality series for the contest! In this picture you can see I am giving Trish some advice for personal growth. She is enlightened by my wise words.

Here is one of the very friendly staff members at Island Tan. That's right. I had her hop into the stand up bed room with me! It's amazing what crazy things people will do for you when you are part of a contest!

This is Revival Arts Studio, where the beloved Jason and Darcie (who photographed Richard and I's wedding and AJ's 1 year pics) run their studio. They are wonderful people, and superbly creative photographers. Darcie was also AJ's Kindermusik instructor when he was an infant!

They still have one of our engagement photos on the site:

Here is Laurel who works at Pistachio Boutique. Funky clothes. They have this great saying in there... Life is short. Wear cute clothes.

Love it.

Okay, so the VanNes Group was REALLY hard to find. I found the address, but I couldn't find the actual place of business.

Then, I found out they moved. They gave me the address on Whatcom Rd., but I must've gone to the wrong Whatcom Rd., so I'll have to try that one again.

I'll find it someday. Here's their old address on Progressive Way.

Fusion Hair Design did my hair for the "after" photos for the contest. They did a great job, but I decided I should come back and try out hairstyling myself.

This is the adorable Roxanne of Mauve Hair Design in Mission. She did not do my hair for the after photos. She did the hair of the girls who live in Mission. But I hear she's fabulous! She has her salon in her house! Lucky girl!

This is the Abbotsford Mission Times newspaper headquarters.
Super friendly!!!

This is my second attempt at a picture at Anne Marie's Cafe. It's a 50's style diner that I have always wanted to try. Now, I found out they have breakfast! And, they open at 8am on Sundays! Perfect when you have toddlers who like to wake at 7 and 7:30am.

And there you go.
That's how I spent the last few days!

Here are pictures courtesy of the very wonderful Davina!! She took some pictures of us after we had our hair and make up done, before we headed to Jason and Darcie's.

Don't worry, Grannie... I have more pictures of the boys coming soon. AJ's birthday pics, included!

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