Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's About Time

Oh my goodness. I'm WAY behind. I had every intention of writing this two weeks ago. I loaded the pictures and then I was just too busy, too tired, and too excited about the great weather. Sorry!

Now there are so many more pictures and they're not ready to show you because my laptop is broken. I'm typing from Richard's computer right now. I thought I'd better get a little caught up so I am not so swamped when the rest of the pics get loaded.

Here we go:

This is a typical Tuesday at my house. I have Jack and Rya on Tuesdays, and while Jen's housecleaner is at her house, Jen is more than happy to get outta the way and come on over. Once we pick up the 'big kids' from preschool, this is what it looks like!
Looks fun, huh?

And what do we have here? These two. They're both such cuddlers. If they were teenagers, I would be worried about what was going on here. They are watching a movie and AJ is caressing Makenna's tights. Good grief!

Here are my crazy boys taking turns dragging each other down the hall. These two have been very good buddies. Lots and lots of wrestling, cars, trains, and big fun. They played in Dexter's room for about an hour today. Later, they played wonderfully again (no fighting) downstairs in the afternoon. What a treat.

Guess what?

My friend Allison came for a visit! She was in town for the Olympics and was able to come by on her way home! YAY! Here she is with her son, Silas. AJ was pouting here (I cannot remember why), and Dexter is being a monster under the blanket.

Often, on a Wednesday, when Nanny-Kim watches the boys, her friend Kareen comes too. Here's Kareen making popcorn with Dex.

This is my rastadexian.

Remember those Valentine's we made? Here's one of the pics we didn't use, but it looked so darned cute, I had to post it!

There's my pretend daughter again. As I was doing some purging, I came upon some skookum green ribbon that just happened to match with Rya's cute shirt. So...... yah.... I had to do it.

The zoo! The zoo!
It was such a beautiful day. I just had to go. It had been so long. AJ couldn't wait to get to the zoo... err, uh... I mean... the playground. We didn't even get half way through the zoo when he begged to go back to the playground. What a great day.

I don't know what happened to this pic.

The snake slide!

Dexter was so proud that he was finally tall enough to get up to each level. He must've gone down this slide 50 times.

AJ was loving his shadow on this beautiful day and he asked me to take he and his shadow's picture.

I have lots and lots to say, but it's 9pm and I'm bagged. I'll update again when I have the rest of the pictures up, including the Olympic pics!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sonja, Richard, AJ and Dexter! The boys are certainly growing and it is great that AJ now has a real live-in buddy! We are in Baddeck for a week or so and visited with Aunt Sadie, she will be happy when Norma comes back for a while. Glad to see that you are back to the normal chaos and work that now you probably enjoy more than ever. I'm looking forward to visiting with Norma in another couple of weeks and then a visit with my daughter Sylvia in Calgary. Happy St. Patrick's Day--I'm sure I will see some pictures of that in your blog!!
Take care, Elva