Monday, February 27, 2012

Seriously, Are You Kidding Me?


Yes. It snowed every so lightly the day we left on Friday and the snow seems to be following us all the way to Disneyland. I'm writing you from our fabulous hotel in Anaheim at which we arrived at 9:30pm (instead of 5pm) due to the fact that the I5 got shut down due to SNOW. Inching, crawling, and merging for 1.8 miles to the next exit took close to 1.5 hours, and the consequent reroute took up a lot of time.

Unfortunately, this meant missing dinner with our friends.
Fortunately, this meant NOT driving through LA in rush hour.
Unfortunately, the kids were beat from almost 12 hours in the van off and on.
Fortunately, once in the hotel, we could unload, shower, get comfy, and crash.

It's 11:20pm now. I need to get to bed to get up at 6am tomorrow morning.

Dexter's been asking to go home and asking for playdates for 2 days.

The trip has been awesome, but it's been funny listening to him make plans for when we get home like having a playdate with Emerson, having a playdate with Jack to play Wii, getting home to get his light sabre and his Bakugan, and of course, to see Gram.

The boys have been great considering how long they've been on the road. I'm worried all this sitting is going to make walking through Disneyland tough. Especially on Richard. That last cold knocked him down hard. I'm hoping he can last our long walks.

His cough is back. It's been long days of driving, and unfortunately, he'd rather run the risk of falling asleep at the wheel, than let me drive. I've done a total of 1 hour of driving so far. Reminds me of a certain trip to Australia.

Yesterday was especially awesome because we stopped for a short burst in San Francisco.

Richard's highlight was getting to visit the famous sourdough bakery.

My highlight was taking the boys to Pier 39.

The boys' highlight was just after San Fran when we took them to the Lego store and they were allowed to spend a bit of their special money.


SamiJoe said...

I know-- SNOW?? Sucky! But you're here now...time to rock and roll!

ErIca said...

I'm glad you are having fun! Countless times I have almost called you for Starbucks.
Have you seen Aili yet? Glad you are having fun and the boys survived the long hours. Yes, I'm sure it's a lot like Australia except with 2 kids in the backseat. I don't know what's worse- Mystery Man or 2 kids- lol "help not hinder"- I'll just get the axe.
The sourdough factory, though?? Come oooooon!That is so lame, dude.

ErIca said...

LMAO- Ok, I totally take that back, Dude. I thought you were referring to the Bread Factory inside California Adventure Park, which is a mini replica of the real one, which you obviously went to.