Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Hard to Believe...

Today, I was driving in the van, not alone, but alone with my thoughts as three kids sat in the back seat with headphones watching Toy Story.

I was kind of overcome with emotion as I thought about the last few years.

Summer 2009

As we headed into summer 2009, Richard was days away from starting his first round of chemo.

Here, he's reading a story to the boys before bed a day or two or three before getting admitted to the hospital. We had no idea what lay ahead. Lots of friends and family helped us through a tough tough time.

Summer 2010

Late into this summer, the Leukemia returned, the chemo and radiation started, and the stem cell transplant took place in October.

Here are Richard and the boys. We were dropping Richard off at the hospital in August to start his chemo.

Summer 2011

Summer 2011 was Richard continuing to recover and beginning a new job. Still on lots of drugs at the time, Prednisone, Cyclosporin, and I think still Posanol.

Here we are for Father's Day at Shannon Falls. A BIG walk for Richard at the time. Those stairs were killer.

Summer 2012

We approach summer and spring this year with something amazing.

Yes, you read correctly. We are fortunate enough to be able to drive to Disneyland and back, visiting dear friends along the way, there, and back. I can't wait to tell you about it.

I have this funny feeling I'm going to lose it. Just lose it.

When I picture heading off in our van on Friday, I start to cry.
When I picture walking through the gates, I start to cry.
When I picture meeting our friends, I start to cry.

I hope I can hold it together. This is a long overdue family vacation. I'm in disbelief that it is 3 sleeps away (2 sleeps by the time most of you read this).


Steph said...

SO excited for you. CANNOT wait to hear all about it. xoxo

D'Anna said...

Me, too! I'm so happy for you! What big challenges your family has faced - - so so happy for you!!!!
Can't wait for all the pics!!