Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer's Been So Fun, I'm Just Having a Hard Time Keeping Up.

Lost and Found

These are some pictures that I found stashed away from my phone. I think they're all from June.

One of many trips to the skatepark, as usual. Here's Dexy.


Dexter doing what he calls a 'trick'.

Playing the rain in the backyard.

A special night, just A.J. and I.

A fun day in the van on a Thursday when I had Jen's kids. They're singing to Jingle Bells by the Barenaked Ladies. Yes, in June.

This was the same morning. I must've brought Jaxon and Emerson to my gym, so I could work out after dropping off A.J., Makenna, and Dex at preschool. When I came into the playcare to get them, Jaxon had thought it would be funny to get into the baby exersaucer. Too cute.

Later that day in the backyard.

You guessed it. The skatepark, again. -A.J.

Richard and I having a date-night.
They packed the rest of my Belini in a To-Go cup... hee hee. I drank it on the way to the movies. I think this was the night we saw Bridesmaids. So, actually, this might be May, and it just might be Richard's birthday.

There is a story behind this drink sharing, but I don't think I can remember what it is. I think this was a rainy day. I took the boys to the McD's playplace so I could enjoy and mint tea and some book reading while they enjoyed a watered down iced tea to share.


I have to say that they are really great with their skatepark-etiquette. Dexter's come a long way. It's a youth park, not a kids' park, so I really like to make sure they are not a nuisance to the big kids. Dexter keeps his head up and watches for the big kids 'taking their turn first'.

Fun times at Grant Park, just me and my boys. A picnic.

My brother's graduation party. Uncle Al is taking the kids for rides on the computer chair.
Don't you wish your husband was this hot.

It is a horrid picture of both myself and my baby-bro, Paul, but you get the idea.

Ahhhh. This is 'brotherhood'. The boys spend a great deal of the day laughing their heads off, wrestling. You'll notice that Dexter is on top.

Rockin out.

That Father's Day trip to Shannon Falls. I guess I took some pics on my phone too.

My guy. Sometimes, it's nice to just look at him and be happy he's here enjoying life with us.

These are just the 'lost' pics. I have a whole whackload of new ones on my phone and on my camera. Maybe I'll get to those tomorrow. Right now, it's 9:21pm, and I'm going to go cuddle with my guy.

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