Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Summer Fun

AJ and Dexter have had fun attempting to float on assorted toys in the pool. AJ has actually successfully 'surfed' on the boogie board around the perimeter of the pool.

The alligator teeter-totter.

The boat. Oh... they love the boat. They are pirates dontchaknow.

Yes, I know, my pool was not on level ground at this time.

As you can see, Dexter is phasing out his nap. Unfortunately, at around 5pm, if he's comfy, he's zonking out.

Some Duplo fun. Usually they're building amazing enormous ships. This day, it was robots if I recollect.

We headed to Deka Lake to finally visit my mom and Ken's property. All 9 of us slept in the trailer if you can believe it, plus the dog.

The very beautiful outhouse.


Dexter wondering what the heck Uncle Paul and Jared are doing. Hmmmmm.

My baby brother, Paul. Doesn't he just look like a big Dexter? If you look closely, you'll see how much the mosquitoes love him as much as they love me.

Richard, dealing with a bad night's sleep. We'll sleep in the tent next time, or heck, maybe even our own trailer!

My mommy. Great picture. She won't like that this was taken just after she woke up, but hey, sorry Mom. I think you're beautiful here. (and always)

Delicious camping dinner for the boys!

Bikes. This is how the boys spent most of the time at camping. Yes, he's wearing his pajamas.

Richard and Ken getting ready to head out fishing.

AJ cuddling with Roxy.

Dexy riding again.
Exploring. They didn't do as much of this as I would've thought.

Soccer. A lot of soccer.

Chasing Uncle Paul.

Poor Auntie Kim. This really hurt.
Richard, more rested.

AJ took this picture of Uncle Paul.

Dexter made me some 'mail' the other day all by himself.
It says,
"Dexter AJ

And Dexter wanted to set up my pillows on my bed. Gee, thanks Dexter.


Anonymous said...

Well, bed looks nicely done. Good job, Dex! :)

ErIca said...

cute! Debbie looves beautiful! Debbie Delicious! lol

ErIca said...


AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

I figured that's what you meant.

Lee Ann said...

Looks like an awesome trip! so much fun.

Your mum does look amazing x