Thursday, August 04, 2011

So Behind It's Not Even Funny

Dexter colouring away, as usual. Or should I say writing. He actually doesn't really colour a whole lot. He likes to draw people and write words all the time. All the time.

He uses it to try and get out of trouble too.

I'll occasionally catch him out of his bed at night, having snuck over to his colouring nook. When I confront him, he just gives me the sweet sneaky smile and says, "But I was writing M-o-m!"

Like that'll get you out of trouble Buddy.

He also likes to think he can read when it's convenient. For instance, when he likes to drag his shoes to stop his bike instead of using the pedal brakes, he likes to point out the lettering on the bike that apparently says, "Peez use yoy feet foy toppee, not pedabyakes." (please use your feet for stopping, not pedal brakes).

Dexter's Playdates

Rya came for a playdate while AJ was at Jack's, I think. They had a picnic lunch while watching Cinderella. They coloured and drew, lots. They played in the playhouse downstairs. This may have also been the day they were watering my flowers for me.

The Rice Bin

The boys have had LOTS of nice quiet fun playing with rice. We've only recently begun to enjoy a normal summer. Before now, there was a lot of rain and wind and yuck, forcing us to have indoor fun.


AJ's not only enjoying building the forts, but he 'gets' why you need to use the fort-balls with the lettering facing upwards so that you can build on angles too which means that I do not hear frustrated grunts down the hall.

Dexter is explaining to me how I'm supposed to get down the hall once they're finished.

Pics for Grannie

(backup info for the rest of you - Grannie McNeil, Richard's Mom's Mom, made two quilts for Richard when he was a boy. There's a turquoise one that AJ now has, and this red one, which now belongs to Dexter)

Sorry, Grannie, tilt your head for now.
I will remember, one of these mornings, to take a picture of AJ with his quilt.

Mmmmmm, summer.

I've been wrapped up in enjoying summer. What can I say?

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