Monday, December 06, 2010

Not About Richard - Just a Baby Book Entry for the Boys


I know I'm forgetting things. I should start writing the things they do on the calendar again. That worked well.

What can I say about my cuddly boy?

He loves his Daddy. He asks about Daddy every day.
Today was, "Daddy at the hospital today?"
me - "Yes. He's at the hospital for his appointment, and then he will probably sleep at the lodge."
Dex - "Me too? I go to hospital with Daddy?"
me - "No. Sorry. You stay with Mommy."
Dex - "Oh okay. I do that Mom. I stay with you and AJ."
(It of course does not sound as clear as that).

He is adorable playing Hide and Seek with AJ.
He counts to 10 and then says, "Ready or not. Here I come!"
It sounds more like this: "Yay oh nah. Hee I come!"

Dex is all about the puzzles this past month. It started off a couple months ago withthe little wooden 12 piece ones, but now he's enjoying the 24 piece ones too. I'm actually quite surprised he has the patience for it. It's definitely not in his character. However, building things and saying, "I did it all by myself!" is.

He even loves the bigger puzzles with AJ. It's fun to watch Dexter do a puzzle. He's usually on his tummy, but sometimes sitting. When a piece isn't working, he shakes his head side to side. He turns it. He shakes his head again. He grabs another piece and tries it out. He makes frustrated noises sometimes that he has definitely learned from AJ. They're like growling noises. But, usually, even then, he still doesn't want help.

Yup. Loving them along with AJ. I'm so thankful that he doesn't come up and ask me to transform them for me every two minutes. In fact, he does his own version of transforming them and seems happy enough with that because he did it himself.

They build skateparks and guns and swords out of Duplo. The guns are getting longer and more elaborate. With the Lego, Dexter builds guns and tries to build onto other vehicles that AJ's made.


AJ has been a great brother lately. He's really checking on Dexter, helping him out, feeling badly for him if he's frustrated, and they've been giggling like crazy lately. Loud, but enjoying each other. I'm still forcing them to have some quiet-room-time for about 30 minutes (usually while I'm making dinner and tidying up the kitchen) just so that they remember they can play alone without anyone bossing them around.

I think it's been about year now that AJ could read. I'll have to look back and check that out. I'm amazed every day with the words he can figure out. The only reading practice he's been getting is just sitting and reading stories with me. We haven't really worked on any new skills lately. I should get on that. Very proud of him though, and of his love to read. He knows that when it's bedtime, he's always allowed to turn on his nightlight and read in bed. I always pick up about 20 or so of the easy readers from the library each time and he takes about 5 into his bed each night.

But.... did you know there's a down side to your 4 year old knowing how to read?

Yes. It means that he can make up lame 4 year old songs using the words he reads from around town.

Here's today's little diddy as I went to go pick up my coffee.

Sung like 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

7 little flags flying on the pole.
One fell off and said, "Hey, I can go to Tim Horton's."
6 little flags flying on the pole.
One fell off and said, "Hey, I can go to Starbucks."
(granted this one is more brand recognition rather than reading)
5 little flags flying on the pole.
One fell off and said, "Hey, I can go to Sears Home."
4 little flags flying on the pole.
One fell off and said, "Hey, I can go to Jordan's War - house Outlet." (warehouse)
3 little flags flying on the pole.
One fell off and said, "Hey, I can go to Home Outfitters."
2 little flags flying on the pole.
One fell off and said, "Hey, I can go to PetSmart."
1 little flag flying on the pole.
One fell off and said, "Hey, I can go to The Pantry."
"Mom, are we going to go the The Pantry soon with those friends of yours?"

I haven't really moved AJ up into bigger puzzles despite knowing that he's quite capable. He has a 45 piece one, but I know he can do 100 and more because we've done them in waiting rooms before at the hospital.
I picked up a Bakugan 300 piece puzzle for him that we did together a few days ago. 300 was a little to much for him. He wouldn't have the patience to sit and complete it himself.

AJ just can't get enough. This is really what he spends the majority of the day playing. That and Lego. He has all sorts of imaginative stories going on. He and Dexter are flying the characters all over the place. He's much more tolerant of Dexter lately too. Although he still worries that Dexter will break his Lego creations, he can be heard inviting Dexter to play many times throughout the day, "Hey Dexter! How about we go do ________?"

Don't get me started. He can't be stopped! He loves to build things. I see a few of mommy's OCD tendencies coming out in him. Often when you look at his planes and ships, not only are they symmetrical, but they are symmetrical in colour too. Watching him build is funny..."Hey Dexter. Can you find me a small light blue one? No! Not green! Light Blue! No! Not blue! LIGHT blue!"

He went for his appointment today for 10am. He's probably staying at the lodge tonight.
Yesterday, he watched the boys from about 1-4 (Dexter slept for about 2 hours of that) while I went to a baby shower. Daddy and the boys had big Lego building fun together.

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