Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Richard, My Daddy, My Mommy, My Cheeky Monkey, and My Potty Boy

Firstly, My Richard

Once, again, as I just blabber on and on. If you ever just want to skip all my crap and just want to know exactly how Richard is doing, just check out Richard's Blog. He has been great at keeping up since he has all that spare time without me and the boys to look after!

My mom, very graciously accepted (as I actually asked this time, instead of waiting for an offer) to take the boys overnight so Richard and I could umm, err, visit with each other and talk.

She picked up the boys around 4:30pm or so, I had to mail off a letter, return some videos, and head off to see Richard. I felt like I spent the whole day packing.

Richard has pretty much summed up our visit. There was lots of time to talk and I was totally wired from coffee and a late diet pepsi. It was so great to see him. He seriously looked about 10 years younger. He looked good. And all this hair! But it was just now all starting to fall out. He asked me to bring his razor and shaving cream, and for some reason I got all confused and brought his electric razor and shaving cream. We had a good laugh about that!

We just hung out and talked. And, ummm, cuddled. I thought the room had two queen beds, but alas, no. I was mistaken. It was two singles. It was horrible sleep. But I can't complain. I got to see Richard.

Breakfast was awesome. I don't what he's whining about! lol.

We started to hang out at the hospital for a bit, but when we realized he'd be there for a VERY long day and probably sleeping for most of it, (not to mention, I just wasn't feeling motivated to do my school work), we thought that I may as well go make the most of my day without the boys.

I left him. I was a little emotional all day after that.

It was such a nice visit. It was nice to meet the people he's been telling me about and who have been keeping up his spirits while he's been away from home. I'm so glad he's staying at the lodge. There's so much socializing available when you want it/need it.

As I said, Richard looked great. He was feeling pretty good, considering, but when I talked to him last, his bum was starting to bother him a bit more.

My Daddy

After leaving Richard, I went to Lougheed Mall to buy the boys' argyle Christmas vests and socks for their Santa pictures this weekend. I knew they were finally on sale. Of course, now that they were, they didn't have Dexter's size in the green vests I wanted.

So, I had to go traditional, and get the red. Boo hoo me.

Then, I met my dad down the road at Joey Tomato's for a late lunch, his treat (thanks Daddy!). We visited for a couple hours. Some good chatting.

After a couple hours, I headed on my way to Abbotsford to get to Costco without the boys so I could pick up our big bag of baby carrots and Dexter's 'S' gift, if you know what I mean.

My Mommy

I got to my Mom and Ken's around 5:15pm. Had some dinner, put Dexter to sleep there, AJ got to stay up WAY late while I visited with Mom and Ken. Big thanks to Kim and Paul who let AJ hang out with them and their friends that night.

BIG THANKS to Mom and Ken for taking the boys, having me for dinner, and all that jazz.

I left around 11:00pm. YIKES. Mom had fed me two of her delicious mochas. I definitely made it home safely, but at a horrible expense. Had a horrible sleep. It did not help that Dexter and AJ also had horrible sleeps. I didn't get to sleep until 4am. AJ didn't get solidly asleep until 3:30am. However, AJ slept in surprisingly until 9:30am or 10am. I had to wake up with Dex at 6:20am. But Dexter was VERY nice and let me lay lazily in bed as he played in his room, crawled all over me, rested on me, and cuddled with me. I'm a lucky girl. I was bagged.

My Cheeky Monkey

I had to pick up some groceries today (just some basics like milk). This meant I had to take the boys to the grocery store which I don't enjoy. Props to all single moms, especially those with more than one child, and especially those with two boys or spunky kids who have no choice but to take their kids with them to the grocery store.

Seeing as we had a late start to our day, we left the house at 11am which I would normally never dream of doing (too close to lunch and naptime). Dexter held it together, and AJ, my cheeky monkey was a dream. He was helpful, obedient, sweet, funny, and a chatterbox. He was just great and made what I feared would be a horrible morning, quite wonderful.

I even allowed him a no nap day, but under the compromise that he would have 'quiet room time', but I let him play downstairs instead. In other words, "it's mommy's time right now". I needed to wash some dishes and update the blog.

Dexter is now awake, but he won't let me get him out of bed yet.

Oh yes, and I wanted to mention that AJ had a playdate with a friend from preschool on Friday at our house. I already know the boy's mom through another friend. The boys played wonderfully together. I hoping this will help stop AJ from following Jack around everywhere at preschool, allowing Jack and AJ to make new friends.

My Potty Boy

You heard right. Dexter peed on the potty! I have a big story to go along with this, along with asking all of your advice too. But right now, I need to post what I have so far and hopefully go get Dexter out of bed if he'll let me. Geesh!

He's been peeing and pooping on the potty for a while, but all with clothes and diapers on. This was his first real pee that was in and around the potty while naked.

YAY Dexter!

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