Sunday, November 01, 2009

Bye Bye Daddy, Hello Grand-Dan

What a beautiful day! And for so many reasons!

Firstly, it was gorgeous.
Secondly, I got to go out and get my coffee all by myself this morning.
Thirdly, Richard was feeling better this morning (but not 'good') than he was last night.
Fourthly, we had a great time at an awesome park with Grand-Dan (my dad).
Fifthly, the boys went to bed at their normal old times now that the time change has happened. 7pm and 8pm. Nice!!!! I've got to be a good mommy and not keep AJ up too late.

However, sadly, we drove Daddy back to the Cancer Lodge to drop off his stuff, and then we dropped him off at the hospital. We miss you already, Richard/Daddy!

After dropping off Richard, the boys and I headed to Richmond to meet my dad at the playground beside the South Arm Comm. Centre. I had never taken the boys there before, but it's the park at which my dad and AJ went bike riding a few months ago.

We realized my dad hadn't seen the boys in over a month and a half. When he came back from his super long business trip and he took Richard and I for lunch, my mom had the kids overnight, so he didn't see them. And that was about a month ago! Time flies.

So, this great playground...

There was this playground that was a giant sandbox. The boys only stepped in here momentarily.

There was this little structure.
Dexter had some fun on that.

There was this little train.
Both the boys enjoyed this.
And these ride on thingies.
He was going nuts on the motorbike!

There was this AWESOME castle.

The had a great time in the castle, and returned later for more fun in there. Although, the fun was put on hold when AJ bonked his head inside the cement tube when he stood up too fast.

There was this great playstructure.

They had lots of fun over here.
Especially above this tunnel that AJ and my dad are about to walk through. It's somewhat of a bridge that's attached to the playstructure. It's also beside a giant hill that has a winding path around it that the boys kept wanting to run down.

The playstructure is also beside this set of crazy monkey bars that the boys had their afternoon snack next too.As you can see, AJ didn't want to stay for the snack. He must've seen something more exciting.

We brought Grand-Dan some Hallowe'en treats. This picture was taken right before Dexter accidentally dumped his snacks on the ground. I scooped them back up, much to my father's horror. Evidently, he's never heard of the "5 second rule".

Seriously. He said, "What's the five second rule?"

Can you believe that?

Of course, there were swings.

Now yes, this one was blurry, but it just looked neat. And it and the one below this, really show how much Dexter just likes to hang off the front of the swing.

Mmmmmm, public swings...... tasty!
Now where's that H1N1 vaccine?

And the piece de resistance? (is that how I should spell it?)

This mommy-era metal airplane. Imaginations can go wild. I love structures like this. I want this in my backyard so badly.

Funny stuff.
AJ said some funny stuff today, but it's 10:30pm and I just don't feel like typing anymore. I just wanted to get these playground pics up for Daddy (Richard), and Grand-Dan.


ErIca said...

Nice- love that you're getting artsy with your camera- look at those into the sun shots!

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Thanks. Still should really learn how to use it. Most of it is fluke. With a little bit of trying sprinkled in.

Lee Ann said...

oh Sonja you are a better mummy than me! We have a fifteen second rule here! Love your pics and glad that Richard is doing okxxx