Friday, March 06, 2009

MmmmmHmmmm UhHuhhhhhhh

Dexter's Learning About His Body
Dexter is starting to point to parts of his face when asked. He can point to his nose, mouth, eyes. That's all I've tried. Not sure if he can do more or not. But, it's the cutest thing. Especially when he points to his eyes. He just jabs his finger right in there.

AJ's Birthday
AJ has big thank you's for people already and it's not even his birthday yet!!!
Thanks Avery and Sami!!!
If you may recall, thanks to my love of Tracy Hogg and her Baby Whisperer techniques, I've remained friends with around 20 or so moms from around the world who also follow Tracy's teachings and who have children born in March/April 2006 just like AJ. Each year, we do an 'around the world birthday exchange' and this year the kids are turning 3!!! AJ's gift arrived in the mail from Avery and her mom, Sami on Wednesday. Jello, seeds for planting, a journal for AJ and I each, a magnetic Winnie the Pooh puzzle, a read along CD/Story of Lilo and Stitch, and more that is not popping into my mind at this time. All individually wrapped to add to his excitement of receiving mail.
Thanks Great Grannie and Great Grandpa Clark
AJ loved getting his birthday card (homemade by Great Grandpa on the computer, I'll add) and special birthday money!!!
Thanks Grannie and Papa Ziegler
Richard's parents sent AJ a birthday card and special birthday cheque! He was very excited to open his own mail! I had to explain that the cheque was money. He was extra excited when that information came.
Thanks to Gram, Papa, Auntie Kim, and Uncle Paul
AJ received his Leapster 2 hand held video game system! He played what he thinks is his new DS like Daddy's. Not to mention, he loved having the visitors.
Thanks to Cousin Mike
Cousin Mike arrived to celebrate AJ's birthday tonight too. He came equipped with a Hot Wheels crashing car. It's much bigger than a regular hot wheel. When the front bumper crashes a wall (or someone's foot - extra thanks to Cousin Mike on that one!!!) the car gets kind of crumpled, makes a screeching sound and sounds like the rims have rolled off onto the street. It's pretty cool.

Toys that make Noise
Speaking of Cousin Mike's car for AJ...
There's something about this side of the family and liking noise-making toys. Auntie Brenda and Uncle Al (Mike's parents - my aunt and uncle) are famous, or should I say infamous for buying battery operated toys. Talking race car, lights and sounds ride on airplane, hokey pokey Elmo, and a car transporter with lights and sounds come to mind. I'm not sure if Auntie Brenda is trying to get back at me for all the noise I helped create with her kids (my cousins) when we were young, or if they just like buying awesome big fun toys, but this is definitely their thing. Sometimes AJ's initially afraid of the toys... the race car, elmo.... but then always LOVES them. Now Mike is following in their footsteps. Thanks for the VERY cool toys, Barber family!!! Much appreciated (not sarcastic).

I'll Have that Whopper Please
Ever since being ill last weekend, AJ's very small appetite got even smaller. To the point that I'm thinking it's time to go for a check up to make sure he's still 'thriving' so to speak.
Wednesdays are Whopper Wednesdays. It's our family tradition to have Whoppers and Veggies on Wednesday nights. This particular Wednesday, I was coming home late from work meaning that dinner would be too late for Dexter and he would not be partaking of his. Daddy had to head off for work in the evening after staying home with the boys because AJ had pink-eye. This meant it was just me and the boys. I didn't bother to do a sit-at-the-table-as-a-family kind of dinner. I just cut a Whopper into 4 quarters and gave it to AJ on the side table while we watched a Disney movie together and Dexter toddled around a bit before he headed to bed. AJ, was not enjoying his Whopper. He was ignoring it. Dexter, couldn't bear to see an ignored Whopper, I suppose, and despite having finished a VERY LARGE dinner already, stole AJ's Whopper off his plate while AJ and I weren't looking, and the next thing I know, he's walking by taking bites. I guess it's good to know that he doesn't need me to cut his food into little bits for him anymore. Man did he look cute walking by eating a burger.

Dexter Says 'Yes'
Well, no, not really. Dexter is answering 'Mmmmmmhmmmmm' and 'Uhhuuuuuh' for things that he is agreeing to or saying 'yes' for. Hmmmmmmm. Not sure where he picked this up (twiddles her thumbs, looks up and to the left all while whistling).

AJ Spells Starbucks
Oh no!!! That's what you're thinking. Not only does Sonja go to Starbucks soooo often that her son can spot the logo from the highway, but now he's seen the logo so often, he can spell it too?
Not quite.
AJ, Dexter, and I had been in Maple Ridge. We wanted to meet Auntie Erica at the zoo, so we had to (for my very first time) take the Albion Ferry. That was very exciting. As we passed the zoo soon after, and I was DYING for my coffee that I still hadn't had and it was nearing 10:15am, I noticed that Auntie Erica's van wasn't in the parking lot yet. I knew there wasn't a Starbucks nearby, but that there was an "Esquires" coffee shop about 4 minutes down the road. I had time!!!
I told AJ that we'd pass the zoo "So I can get my coffee".
He does his usual "Are you getting your coffee Mommy? Are you getting your sugar free hazelnut breve americano misto?" (not very articulately, I'll add)
I say, "Yes, I hope so. I think they'll make that for me."
We get there. I get a spot right in front. I hop inside, order my drink, get my drink, get back to the car. I open the door and AJ's staring up at the sign on the front of the building and says,
"Look Mom, E-S-Q-U-I-R-E-S........... Starbucks!!!"


Tara said...

I know both boys, at young ages, would see the Tim Horton's logo and say, "Daddy coffee!"

Andrew used to lean over in his car seat and yell, "2 cream 1 sugar!"

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

lol. Tara! Yes!

AJ has now taken to getting upset if the person at an order window doesn't say 'hi' to him or talk to him about certain things.

"I want her to say hi to me!"

"I want her to see my new shirt"

"I want her to ask me things."

Jeepers, you'd think he was an only child.

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