Thursday, March 19, 2009

Emerson and Jaxon Turned One!

Here are the pictures from the birthday!!!

Emerson and Jaxon's party started with all the kids getting to play. Here's Dexy at the top of the stairs wondering where all the big kids went. (They were down in the play room). I had both of my boys dressed so adorably dapper in matching shirts and different ties (thanks to Jodi for that cute idea). AJ, of course, came back upstairs with his undone already. "I don't want to wear this anymore." So, I never did get any cute pics of the two.

Then all the kids were coralled for snack time. Fruit kebabs, crackers, cheese, meat, cheesies, veggies. AJ, Connor, Jack, Makenna, and Dexter who can't decide if he's a big kid or a baby.

Next it was time for the cakes and the singing of Happy Birthday!

First, to Emerson!

Then to Jaxon!

Then it was time to eat the cake!

First Emerson! She looks a lot like Makenna here!

Then Jaxon! He's using his AJ-serious-face.

Then it was time for more play!!

Then time to open gifts!

First Jaxon!

Then Emerson!

I end with a picture of Rya. It's not a good photograph. I'm in serious need of camera lessons. However, her eyes are so big and blue, I had to include it.

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