Wednesday, January 28, 2009

AJ and Dexter at One Year

So I was looking back because I get curious. I shouldn't do it because it makes me feel badly that Dexter doesn't get as much one on one time.
However, I noticed back in March/April 2007 when AJ was the age that Dexter is now, a couple of similarities....

March 9th, 2007
-We start to realise your facination with towels on people's heads after a shower.
-He is totally facinated by this too! And glasses for that matter.

March 10th or so
-I was washing you on the change table, washing your nether-regions, and you signed 'more' over and over again! You naughty boy!
-Dexter doesn't start signing more, but he very eagerly signs 'change' at this time. It's very cute.

March 12th-16th
-You got your bottom left molar and you start pretending to do your hair with me when I do my hair.
-Just got his first molar, bottom right.

March 19th-23rd
-I tried you on one nap over Spring Break since you did so well with one nap at daycare, but to avail. You will not sleep more than an hour for me in the afternoon if you haven't had a morning nap. ARG! But then again, I like you having two naps, so thanks!
-We've been trying one nap a couple times because he's starting to try this at daycare. It's not so great at home. He still really likes two naps.

March 25th
-You are saying and signing "hi" all the time now. You touch your hand to your head. You say 'hi' when we arrive at the house.
-'Hi' is just about your favourite phrase. You say it at the appropriate times.

March 30th
-You are very facinated by my Eeyore pajamas. You think the picture is very neat.
-You are climbing on the couch! Oh no! And you climbed onto Daddy's laptop desk on the end table. ARG!!!!!
-Dexter has been facinated with those pj's forever! He loves to touch the picture!
-He's so close to climbing on the couch. He's been too busy walking to get in proper couch practice time.

-I should note that Dexter, who never gets to climb stairs because we just don't go downstairs very often can climb all the way up, AND knows to turn around and go feet first down them. This is probably from all of the 'getting off the couch lessons' that Daddy has given him.

-Made a nice thank you card with me for his teachers for preschool because it was his last day there before starting his new one.
-He copied out the words "Thank You" for the card, wrote his name with the J facing the right way, drew a car, one of his teachers, and scribbled what he decided said Miss. Jennifer.

That's my boys.


Efka ja Keirpoiss said...

I think you should not feel bad for D, he is great. And note that AJ did not have older brother that D has :D

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

That's exactly what we were just talking about today at the coffee shop!!!

Thanks, Efka.