Sunday, January 18, 2009

Partial Picture Catch Up

My boys.
Or as AJ calls himself and Dexter,
"Your two boys, right Mommy?"
Believe it or not, it is actually faster, or at least less hassle for me to put the pictures into a scrapbook page and load it here, than it is for me to place each picture in here, drag it to where it needs to go, and make sure the writing doesn't get all bumped around because of it.

So, we still need to upload more pictures, but here's some from the past month and a half or so, grouped.

Christmas Eve, we headed to my mom's. It was supposed to be Christmas morning at my house, but unfortunately, the snow and Paul's gigantic xmas gifts put a wrench in those plans. Of course, it was lovely and wonderful as it always is.... that is, after packing ALL the gifts and everything I'd need for the boys for who knows how long AND in case of being snowed in. You'll notice AJ eating pudding powder in one of the pictures. I was making the lazy cinnamon buns for the next morning and he was eating the vanilla pudding powder. Gee, I can't imagine why he gained 3lbs this past month. The small picture is supposed to be of the snow outside. It was much worse than what you can see.

Now here are some from Christmas morning. There were so many wonderful gifts. Too many to name and some that have been a surprising hit. The boys in these pictures are showing off Dexter's giant stocking (I'm a stocking kind of girl), AJ's new bike, AJ's board book version of one of my childhood favourites "There's a Monster at the End of this Book", the Aquadoodle from Gram and Papa, new baby crayons, and AJ's camera. Christmas morning was so fun. It was our first Christmas without "G.G." (AKA Great Grandma, or Grandma). It sure made the morning a lot different. But we had lots of fun in her memory and I'm sure she was watching it all unfold, saying "That's just lovely" or "That's just ideal" the whole time.

Here are some pictures from Christmas evening. My mom usually hosts the Christmas dinner. It was wonderful to see how many of our family members trekked through the yucky snowy conditions just to see everyone else and have a nice, special, family Christmas.

The day after boxing day, after unpacking everything, doing a bunch of laundry, and repacking everything, but into the car this time instead of the truck, we headed to the Island to see Grannie and Papa (Richard's parents). As we do every year, we had a wonderful and relaxing visit, complete with trips to Timmy's and lots of playing and leftover turkey. The boys had a blast and AJ's already asking to go back!! In these pics, you can see the boys wearing the sweaters that Richard's mom made them, AJ wearing his new safety goggles for his power drill from Grannie and Papa, and Dexter doing what he does best.... hunting for other people's food.

Next, we had our annual 'couple's night' New Year's Eve. This was hosted by Erica and Kevin (Jack and Rya) and the other guests were us and Ryan and Wes (Charlie). Here's a picture of the kids all sitting up in Jack's loft bed for a bedtime story. Now, Ryan and Erica's pictures turned out way better and with all three kids smiling. The reason I still used mine is because this is quite possibly the first time that my 'glaring' sweet son is the ONLY one smiling and is NOT the one who looks stunned. So, it deserved a place in the blog. Sorry stunned Jack and stunned Charlie!!!
I must mention that we had a DELICIOUS turkey dinner that we will be re-enjoying again tonight over at Erica and Kevin's. Kevin makes a turkey just as delicous and moist as Richard's. AMAZING!!! Don't even get me started on his yummy stuffing. Don't even get me started.

So, I've been taking pictures of some of AJ's masterpieces. I don't have a picture of the SUV he drew with all the appropriate windows and his entire family inside. Well, actually, outside. He IS only 2.5 years old. All of the legs were hanging out the window. That can't be safe!!! Anyhow, here is his big 48 piece Thomas puzzle he did all alone, and his octopus complete with 8 legs, and the word MOM.

Here's what Dexy's been up to.
Eating with a spoon. Sleeping with his bum in the air. Attempting to climb up the dresser to reach the Xbox successfully lifting his feet up off the ground, and wearing his homemade pirate birthday shirt at his pirate birthday party!!

That's it until Richard uploads the rest of the pictures.

I've had AJ, Makenna, and Dexter all down for a nap for the past 2 hours!! That's why I had time to do this right now. I just got back about 3 hours ago from Dexter's 'One Year' photoshoot, courtesy of the VERY talented, but NOT wallet breaking, Auntie Erica. Just wait until you see the results of that!!!


ErIca said...

How do you see the pictures bigger?
Love the shocked face J is making.

PS- Nice pics.

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

I don't know.
I can't figure that out.
Well, one way is to go to our site and just look at the album Or, go to scrapblog and maybe you can search for me.
or you could go to scrapblog and do the people search for sonjac

Jodi Mockabee said...

Your son is BRILLIANT. Honestly, the Doodlepro killed me. Nice work, AJ!