Monday, February 02, 2009

First Day at the New Preschool

So of course, after being sooo excited to start at his NEW preschool with Jack, AJ last night begins saying, "But I have just one more day at my Miss. Jennifer preschool."

"No, AJ. You are all finished at the old preschool. Now we start the new preschool with Miss. Tonya.

It was a bit of back and forth like that. But he got it.

And he was VERY excited.

He was no problem to drop off. He walked right in. He came home with a painting. He came home happy.

During this time, Jen (and Jaxon and Emerson), Erica (and Rya) and I (and Dexter) did our "Wednesday" trip to Starbucks. (It was actually Monday though). The babies were getting a little loud this time. We were there about 1 hour earlier than usual. It ran right into Dexy's nap. Luckily for the Ergo Carrier (which I'm so glad I have), Dexter took his nap on me at Starbucks. Phew.

Dexter's starting to run a bit. He loves being chased. AJ likes taking part in the chasing too. Today Dexter was spinning while standing, just walking around and around. It was funny. Richard loves having 'couch fun' with the boys. They love being flipped and tossed and making me freak out!

I think that's all I want to add. I just didn't want to fall too far behind and that stuff was on my mind. Dexter has another bottom molar coming in.

Next week when Auntie Erica goes back to work, Jack and Rya will start getting babysat here once a week and AJ and Dexter will start getting babysat over there once a week. It's a nice set up.

Oh, I remember what else I was going to write. On Saturday, Richard had to work, so I had to take the boys with me to the bridal shop to watch Kim try on grad dresses (or for my US friends... prom dresses). It was right at Dexter's nap time, and once again, thanks to the Ergo Carrier, Dexter slept right on me. AJ was a real star too.

Dexter and AJ are both roughly 26.5 lbs now. Geesh!

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