Friday, November 14, 2008

Mini Baby Book Entry

As Auntie Erica excitedly noticed Dexter's pointing, it occurred to me that it's possible I didn't write about Dexter pointing at things and at pictures in books for the last month or more. It's pretty darned cute. It's like he's asking me a question each time. When we read "Goodnight Moon", he points to the same things on the cover each time: the bunny and the fireplace. Back and forth he points to them to hear me say what they are.

But does he clap?
But, according to Richard, yes!
A couple months ago, Richard claims, I was trying to show him how Dexter had clapped that day, and he wouldn't show Daddy.
Regardless, whether he clapped or not, isn't 'clapping'.

I'm having a really hard time staying consistent this time. He'll definitely copy me, like, he'll copy 'change', 'more',and 'finished', but he doesn't use them if you get the distinction there.
I think once he claps, it'll follow soon after. We'll see.

Sometimes, I walk in the living room and there's Dexy, having hauled out the book basket, grabbed a favourite book or two, and he's sitting there enjoying it and turning the pages as if to say, "Look Mum, if you're not going to read to me, I'm just going to do it myself, okay?"
What a sweet sweet thing.
Duly noted, Dexter is a book destroyer. Anything with paper pages is far away from him now. Board books, he can have, but he doesn't just gnaw on them, he tries to consume them.
His most blasphemous book destruction to date? The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Tsk Tsk.

Shape Sorting
Dexter's really getting into this whole idea of trying to fit blocks into holes or shapes into their spots or fridge farm animals into the magnetic fridge farm. I love it. He's really turning into a person.

He got to play at Jack's yesterday for a little while in the backyard while I took Dexter to pick something up in Aldergrove.
Today, I needed to get some house cleaning done, so I asked Erica to drop off Jack to keep AJ company while Dexter napped and I cleaned.
It was so nice. The boys played down in the playroom so well together while I was upstairs cleaning and checking on them sporadically. It was sooooo peaceful upstairs. Ahhhhh.

Dexter's Cruising
He's starting to indicate that he'd like to let go and walk away. He has let go for brief periods to then squat down. He's started to take up walking on his hands and feet occasionally. That's weird looking. In the middle of the room, he'll just start pushing up onto his feet as though he's going to stand. Sometimes, he even picks his hands up off the floor and stays there balanced and squatting. His first birthday is going to be soooo fun if he's walking by then.

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