Sunday, November 09, 2008

Just a Bit More

I forgot that I had written a few extra tidbits on the corner of the calendar, so here's those items too...

Dexter Doodle Doo
-Dexter loves the Magna Doodle. Normally, he loves to eat the pen and the string, but the other day, I turned the pen around for him so he would make mrks on the screen when he hit it with the pen. He quite liked that.
-A day or two ago, when I walked into the living room, he had gotten a hold of the magna doodle and this is what he produced!! I'm pretty darned impressed!

This or That
-AJ decided that I needed to be 'given a choice' on Friday. We were headed to play at Captain Kids, and before heading out the door, he said that he wanted to bring his camera (one of my old cameras). I said 'no' and spouted off our usual reasons for not bringing toys to play places. He said then, that he wanted to bring his camera case, instead. I said 'no' to that as well for the same reason. He then laid the two items on the table and tapped one at a time and said to me, "This or this? This.......... or this?" Just the way that I would be giving him a choice. It was cute. I said, "Neither." I hope he doesn't pick up on that too.

Wearing Uncle Paul's Shoes
-I've said to AJ things like "When you're a big boy like Uncle Paul." or "When you're a big boy like Adam and Matt."
-Well the whole growing thing really has him thinking and I have to be careful how I say things. He's suddenly sprouted and grown out of about 4 pairs of jeans in the matter of 3 weeks. I was pretending to be mad and said, "You're getting too big! You'd better stop growing up!" He looked very concerned. I assured him I was just kidding and that everybody grows up and grows out of their clothes, even Adam, and Matt, and Uncle Paul. He said, "I'm going to grow big like Uncle Paul and I will wear his shoes."

Don't Sit on the Bear Potty!!
-So, AJ has taken up this new habit of standing to pee, realizing he needs to poop too, and rather than putting the seat down, just sitting on the 'bare potty'. I keep saying, "What's the rule? Are you allowed to sit on the bare potty?" And he says, "No. I sit on the seat to poop."
-Well, the other day, the seat was left up from the last time he peed, I guess, and Dexter was heading over to the potty and AJ says.....

wait for it.....

this is funny....

"No Dexy, that potty is only for bears! Don't go on the bear potty!"

Driving Dexter
-Dexter is in love with all ride on items at our house. Whether it's the zebra downstairs that bounces and spins or the 3 ride on vehicles upstairs. He loves to ride them and be pushed around. He is trying desperately to figure out how to mount them himself. Once on though, he is movin'. He's learned how to push along with his feet. Just a bit, but nonetheless. He really feels like a 'big boy'.

Hampering My Son's Artistic Development
-AJ has a paint easel now. He really enjoys it. There are four colour coded paint brushes with matching paint cups: red, blue, green, and yellow. He defintely knows which brush goes where, so the paints don't get messy.
-I come over to the easel and he's mixed up all the paint brushes, and I start to get on his case and clean off the brushes to put them back in the right containers when AJ says while painting on the paper, "Look mommy, blue and yellow paint. It's green now."
-Obviously, I have to let him mix paints now. Did Picasso's mom have colour coded brushes and cups, probably not.

Flying Dragon
-I forgot to mention that AJ, while trick or treating could feel the wings of his dragon costume flapping on his back while he was walking and running. He would say, "Look, Mommy, I'm flying. I'm flying!" Throughout the night, when he wasn't holding his treat bag, you could see him holding his wings and flapping them. It was cute.

The Dangers of Grocery Shopping
"I want to help push the cart. I want to help push the cart!!"
right on the bottom grating thingy

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Mockabee News said...

LOVE the bear story. They say the funniest things!

Loving that pict of Hunky Dex.