Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting Too Smart For His Own Good

Cheeky Monkey

So, this morning after I put Dexter down for his morning nap, AJ asked me to play cars (from his loft bed that he's not suppposed to be on unless it's sleeping time). I agreed and started to set up his ramp. That little smart-alec, then proceeds to say, in my mommy/teacher tone of voice,

"Good job, Mommy. That's good ramp building. Just like I asked you. Good listening. Yes. Good ramp building."

What a little &%$#%#^%.

That's exactly what I say when I'm trying to give him some praise for actually doing what I've asked WHEN I've asked it (which is very rare as of late).

Some Early Reading
When we arrived at Old Navy yesterday, after a fun time at Captain Kids with Auntie Erica, Auntie Jen, Uncle Dave, and all the kids, AJ saw the big sign in the kids' department that says "KIDS".
He pointed up and said, "K, I, D, S. Look mommy. 'k' " ('k' being the sound, not the letter).

PJ Day Again
It's Tuesday. It's Rememberance Day. We're sitting at home having a PJ day. Yawn. We had a pretty bad night with Dexter. Interestingly enough, it followed a night where I let him have some of our cheesy cauliflower. Last time I let him have some cheese, he had a horrible night. I bit off most of the cheese last night, but he still had a bad night. He's allergic to milk, so it could be that it bugged his tummy all night. Or, it's just a coincidence, and his teething (he's getting tooth 5 and 6 right now) was just getting the better of him.


Mockabee News said...

brilliant! We're still working on A, lol.

Joel, Keri, and Jonah...and Freddy said...

Oh AJ, yet again...too smart for his own good. No, I'm not referring to spelling, but rather to his comment to you, lol. Too funny!

Oh, and good job on spelling! ;)

ErIca said...

After I heard that K story, Jack and I are doing a letter a day- lol

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...