Saturday, April 28, 2007

AJ's April

Well you've been taking steps for while now, but Tuesday night (April 24th) was the first time you left one place and got to another by means of walking! By the next day, you were walking all over the place when I took you and Jack to a playgroup. The next two days at music, you were walking right across the room. Auntie Kimmy and I even let you walk around at the mall.

This month has just been another BOOM in achievements. You understand so much of what we say. You'll go get things if we ask for them. You'll follow an instruction. Words are rolling out of you like nobody's business. You'll copy any words we say, but here's just a sample of some of the words you'll say on your own...
buh bye
bath (started really pronouncing the 'th' sound a couple of days ago, maybe on the 25th or 26th)
toothbrush (said for the first time on the 15th)
cracker (said at the end of last month, I believe)

You added the chicken sound 'cluck' and the cat sound 'meow' to your repetoire of animal noises on the 7th April. Here are the animal sounds you currently say.
Cow - brooo
Cat - mow
Dog - woof woof
Monkey - uh uh (instead of ooh ooh)
Elephant - pfhhh (like a trunk noise, hard to explain)
Chicken - cluck cluck (you actually click your tongue)
Sheep - baaa
Rooster - cock doo
Bear - Raa

You are signing lots more now too. You'll copy a whole bunch of the signs of the signing DVDs when the kids are doing them, but here are some of the ones you'll initiate and do on your own.
Change (you'll sign change if you're poopy)

Potty training has really gone in the pooper, pun intended. Ever since you got sick, you just aren't peeing in the potty like you used to. Part of it, is that I'm not on the ball enough and I miss your cues. Not to mention that I have you out of the house a lot, and miss the chances to take you.

You're on one nap now, no matter what time you get up in the morning and it's working really well. On average, you are sleeping 12:30-2:30, a short time after your lunch.

We went to the Island to see Grannie and Papa on the weekend of the 14th before they headed to Nova Scotia. The ferry ride was a blast. We fed you an early dinner before we left, and just took some snacks and your bedtime bottle. We sat up front near the kids play area. At first you were weary of all the kids, but soon you warmed up. You played throw and catch with one girl, and you played on the slide with a whole bunch of kids. You went up the stairs and down the slide, up and down, up and down. On the way back, you didn't take any time to warm up at all, you just ran/crawled right to the slide and went for it! You had a good time at Granny and Papa's.

You've been super picky with your food since turning one and since being sick. It's been a struggle trying to figure out what to feed you. I finally figured out that you'll eat any veggies cut up super small and mixed wit a little bit of ranch dip.

You love your slide. We put it in the playroom next to your tent and tunnel. You climb up one side and you slide down the other on your tummy just like we showed you on the ferry.

That's all I can think of. There's more words and more signs, I'm sure, but I can't think of them right now.

Oh wait, no, you have 12 teeth now because the one year molars on your right came in too!

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