Friday, April 06, 2007

Another Month of Many Many Milestones

Yet another month has passed! You are just learning more and more every day!

March 8th
-On your real birthday, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Kim, and Uncle Paul came by with a birthday gift (magnetix) and a cake! You gobbled up the whole piece! You loved it!

March 9th
-We start to realise your facination with towels on people's heads after a shower.

March 10th or so
-I was washing you on the change table, washing your nether-regions, and you signed 'more' over and over again! You naughty boy!

March 11th
-Today was your 'family birthday' and Grandma's. She put on a wonderful party for you. Lots of aunties, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc. So many wonderful, thoughtful gifts!

March 12th-16th
-You got your bottom left molar and you start pretending to do your hair with me when I do my hair.

March 18th
-Today was your BIG birthday pool party! It was soooo fun! So many friends and famiy! You had so much fun swimming and eating cake! You were a good boy!

March 19th-23rd
-I tried you on one nap over Spring Break since you did so well with one nap at daycare, but to avail. You will not sleep more than an hour for me in the afternoon if you haven't had a morning nap. ARG! But then again, I like you having two naps, so thanks!
-Top left molar comes in and your bottom left lateral incisor.
-You have around 10 teeth now!

March 25th
-You are saying and signing "hi" all the time now. You touch your hand to your head. You say 'hi' when we arrive at the house.

March 27th
-You are FINALLY blowing bubbles in the bathtub.
-When Daddy says "Hiiiieeeeyaaa" in the cathtub, you kick your leg out a bunch of times! So cute!

March 29th
-We had lunch with Silas and Allison!

March 30th
-You are very facinated by my Eeyore pajamas. You think the picture is very neat.
-You are climbing on the couch! Oh no! And you climbed onto Daddy's laptop desk on the end table. ARG!!!!!

March 31st
-Today Daddy wanted to take you to the aquarium. I thought that you would like it, but I had no idea that you would LOVE it!!!!
-You were banging on the beluga tank and yelling at them. You loved the shark tank. Things surprise you when they came by out of nowhere. You were scared of the 'ugly' fish. I thought that was neat that you knew what 'ugly' was.

April 5th and 6th
-Now you are signing 'please/like' as well. I think there's more things you are signing, but I can't remember.
-You've been throwing a ball now!!! Yay!
-You can say, "Buh Bye".
-When Daddy comes in the door, you say, "Hi"
-When we ask you... "What does a ____ say?", you say...
brooo for a cow
raaa for a bear
cack-doo for a rooster
ooh ohh for a monkey
pppphhhhh for an elephant


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Anonymous said...

Love the up dates of AJ's world!! Keep them coming...AJ don't grow up to fast, lol! Soon Sonja, AJ will learn the dreaded word "NO" and it will not be so cute unless he follows up with a cute monkey noise, hehe! Love ya lots Shauna and Mike!